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  1. John the system is where my comment is pointed at. I had department of labor aribrators who could not be bothered with reading all of the paper work on my case and had i had proper medical attention when i needed it i may have not been disabled by this injury. Also the system allowed an insurance company representative to meet with my doctor without my knowledge or approval and what was said at those meetings who knows what they did. This doctor was very hostile towards me. And now i am disabled by our fair and equal system which says justice is blind. And now social security uses this against me in denying me social security benefits. saying that i can do light and sedentary work some thing that i have never done. i am broke and soon will not have anything and all for an injury that was caused by the carelessness of an unsupervised coworker. THUS I CARRY ALL OF THE BURDEN OF WHAT MY LIFE IS NOW and ask why we cannot have EUTHANASIA so that some one like my self has options not just a disability and pain So this is why i say i am treated like a criminal when all i asked for was eqaulity
  2. I guess now that since i was hurt at work [ by someone elses negigent acts] i commited a crime seems that this is the way this forum works [Please post replies in your original discussion. This post has been moved to the appropriate discussion. - Moderator]
  3. John at what point is someones suffering enough and with our fair and equitable legal system when is enough, enough I was crippled on the job and every day people can see this. All but department of labor and social security workers. They see what they want. so now what happened to me was not a crime or do people like you get off by seeing or hearing that someone else suffers. or is your reason religious i accept hell foreever i have not had much better .The last few nights have gone below zero and i sleep outside.And please do not tell me to go to a shelter i did nothing wrong
  4. Should we have the right to end our life by euthanasia . If 1 cannot work and has no income and no thanks to shelters i did nothing wrong [This discussion has been moved to the appropriate forum - Moderator]
  5. why did you move my post on euthanasia ? can you answer questions that were asked NO . And since you are not going through this HELL it does not concern you RIGHT. And what was so horrific about my post. I tried to explain what my life is like last night it was 5 degrees below zero thank you for your replies i can only hope that some of you get some of what i get to go through
  6. State representatives are only concerned with their reelection as they do not care about 1 vote so don't waste my time with them and let me tell you about the doctor who decided that i needed to be medicated he asked me if i did drugs i said never he asked me if i was ever arrested i said never then he said i needed to be medicated all in 3 minutes and by the way when i went to the social security doctor he never said i needed to be medicated. SO THIS IS JUST AS I SAY NO ANSWERS
  7. And my workers comp lawyer said not to sign those papers I suffered a injury or can't you read
  8. What do you mean by not asking questions and maybe because of my injury this is the only way i know how to ask or do you just like to hear that some one suffers and its not you why don't you just say that i do not count that i am not like anyone else JUST SAY IT
  9. This post is for all who just don't give a damn. I have asked many questions in the past and gotten no where so let me post this and hope that there are answers in october 2006 i suffered a traumatic brain injury at work and not my fault an unsupervised coworker was doing some thing unsafe and i was hurt. The doctors where i was seen had little if any knowledge or did not care. The insurance company with out my knowledge or consent had a representative meeting with my doctors. to the point where 1 of my doctors lied multiple times in a report that the department of labor took for the gospel.in my first hearing the department of labor representative put in her report that i was the 1 responsible for my injury. the second hearing the department of labor complained that i should have kept my cobra insurance for this injury at an expense of 250 to 300 dollars a month out of 1100 a month to which i had to pay rent and food and other bills. i have had no income for 2 years as the insurance company has not settled this and by the way i was sent to an independent [insurance company] doctor who also lied in his report and had told me no more motorcycling, sports, bars, drinking, and not to get hit on the head again. and then in his report gave me a zero impairment thus stating nothing had happened. I have applied for social security disability and have been denied twice my lawyers will not go ahead with my case because i cannot get seen by a doctor as i have no money left no transportation and no insurance and welfare was of no help as they would only help if i signed over my mental health to them to do as they pleased i refused this. I have been checked by social securitys doctors and they deemed me disabled but social security says i can work lifting occasionally 10 pounds i have had HEADACHES every day since 10/23/2006 have difficulty walking and with stability, nausea, vision, amoug other things making me unemployable. SO IF THERE IS NO HELP FOR ME LEGALIZE EUTHANASIA SO AT LEAST MY SUFFERING CAN END I CANNOT WORRY WHAT GOD THINKS ABOUT THIS FOR HE HAS PUT ME THROUGH 50 YEARS OF HELL I SLEEP OUT DOORS IN TEMPERATURES BELOW ZERO I WILL NOT GO TO A SHELTER FOR I CANNOT DEFEND MYSELF THIS POST IS THE TRUTH ANY ANSWERS OUT THERE [This post has been moved to the appropriate discussion - Moderator]
  10. I need help i was totally disabled in by work place injury i suffed a tramatic brain injury i need a lawyer who can understand that i am broke have no transportation and have no insurance and have not seen a doctor for over 2 years not my choice. the social security doctors deemed me disabled but social security says i can occasionally lift 10 pounds my former jobs were in construction and warehouse and i worked on cruise ships i cannot collect welfare because i live on a friends property i do not want to go to a shelter as i cannot defend myself if there is no help then please legalize euthanasia as i am not employable due to HEADACHES every day since 10/23/2006 difficulty in walking , stability , sleep disorder, memory problems , and others any answers [This discussion has been moved to the appropriate forum - Moderator]
  11. To Tax counsel I Have nothing left as i was told by these agencies that i could not have any assets and i am carrying all of the burden of my workplace injury
  12. Can anyone out there tell me why i get turned down for benefits [ social security or food stamps medical and welfare ] When the government will give money to a drug addict who is not disabled and could work. I am disabled from a work injury. Any answers i was given a plane ticket to the mainland and i will be living outside the day time temperatures will be around 32 degrees the night time lows may go below zero. I choose this over being put in a homeless shelter where all the drug addicts are. Or is my life not equal to yours
  13. Is there any place out there that will help me. I was disabled by a negligent co worker who was demolishing a wooden pallet and a chunk broke off and hit me in my left temple. 1 of my doctors said my injury was like having a stoke. I have lost around 80% of the use of my legs. Welfare and social security act as if i am not even there. In less than 2 weeks i will be out of money and i will be sleeping outdoors. If i am not like the rest of you please pass a bill where some one like myself can legally go and have his or her life ended. You do not know how bad i feel when i am told that social services will help and they don't. I can and have not been able to be seen by any doctor for almost 2 years as the insurance company for my employer did not pay this doctor for the one and a half years that he treated me. Why does this system treat injured workers like criminals
  14. tlc1963 can you get food stamps or other help from your state i would hope that your state would give you help. I was turned down by the state of Hawaii. TAKE CARE
  15. The system is so screwed up. I went and applied for welfare benefits as social security has still denied me workmans comp is still not doing anything or that may just be my lawyer. welfare sent me to a doctor and his way of telling me i was not disabled was he had me squeeze his fingers before i was hurt people would not shake my hand as i would make their bones in their hands pop and this doctors other big test was he pushed down on my knees. Then i was sent to a psyciatrist who wants me on drugs that i do not and will not take. I had a head injury that affected my motor skills what good will these pills do. Should i try to get some kind of settlement funding as i am broke and the system is now treating me like a criminal and by the way the pscyiatrist asked me repeatedly if i was on drugs and how many arrests i had i have had none and never used drugs. A LITTLE WARNING OF WHAT MAY COME OUR GOVERNMENT DOES NOT WANT TO TAKE RESPONSEABILITY TO THOSE OF US WHO HAVE BEEN DISABLED BY INJURY THE ROAD AHEAD WILL BE LONG AND DIFFICULT PREPARE YOURSELF I FEEL IT WILL GET ALOT WORSE
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