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  1. my sis and his friend said he was perfectly fine and he didn't hit the ground, I had a friend talk to like 4 cops and they all said if he didn't hit the ground it's not a hit and run and he walked away and didn't get my plates and he only had a 24 hour window to press charges. I want to apologize to him but I'm scared to seek him out and he might hit me. some men aren't above hitting women
  2. like he placed his hand on the hood of my car and jumped over it. if anything i think my license plate might of scratched him
  3. I almost hit someone yesterday, he jumped the hood of my car and walked to the curb and held out his hands and told me to slow down I drove to the school driveway and as I was driving he threw a water bottle at my car and he started walking toward my car, I wanted to stay and talk to him but my boyfriend told me to go, the man left first then I pulled away. I know I didn't hurt him. He was walking just fine and my little sister sister said he was looking for me today. there was nothing wrong with his leg and he wasn't limping. Is this considered a hit and run and what should I do. I am a single mom trying to save money to go back to school. Please tell me what to do.
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