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  1. To whom it may concern, I had to no idea what folder to put this under. My brother recently passed away. He was 18 and my mom had just signed right's back over to my grandparent's. The deal was after he finished school he would live with my mom. He was born with cereal pasley. So, he could not use his arm's and leg's. i am full sister same mom and dad. Well, whenever he passed away my grandparent's wouldn't talk to my mom. They wouldn't even let her have any part of planning the service. I know my mom has no right's. Do i though? He was creamated and i want some ashes and some of my brother thing's. My grandparent's keep sayin' they will give me stuff but, always make up a excuse. I just really need to know if there is something i can do. I'm 19 year's old. Please let me know any information.
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