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  1. I recently visited our local convenience store and the clerk asked that i leave my backpack at the door. I was traveling homebound from the gym on a bicycle and carried all of my personal and valuable belongings in my backpack. I asked the gentlemen why, but i got no answer, then i asked if it was posted as a store policy, and he said it wasnt, and that i should just do as he asked. I proceeded to get my items and head to checkout, i swiped my card to pay for my order, and the store manager cancelled the transaction because i didnt adhere to his request of leaving my backpack at the door. He threatened to call the police, but instead i called for him. The authorities advised the store clerk to post the sign if it was indeed a store policy that EVERYONE must abide by, not just individuals they choose to profile, and that the clerk was clearly discriminating against me. This is the second time this happened, and still now, no sign is posted! I feel i was truly wronged and greatly embarassed, not to mention, my wife visits this store on many occassions with her oversized hand bag and is never requested to leave her bag at the door. I've also witnessed several servicemembers enter with their fatigue backpacks and never asked to leave the bag up front. Do i have a case? Thanks, JC
  2. I recently filed bankruptcy and have not yet reaffirmed my mortgage debt. I was considering letting the house go as it's not increasing in value and our area has been affected by many foreclosures. Since my credit has already been impacted by the bankruptcy, will my credit be affected by letting the house go as well, and not reaffirming my debt?
  3. Sarah, Thanks for the info. I am located in Cumberland County, Fayetteville, NC. I just hate to inconvenience the witnesses, but know how much it would help to have them present, versus just a written statement.
  4. I was involved in a motor vehicle accident where someone ran a red light. I was cited for running the red light, and other information in the police report was inaccurate about the accident. We have the person that called 911 and another bystander as witnesses, who have provided statements in my favor. No lawyer wants to take the case because there is no money involved, so we will have to go to court and represent ourselves. We would like to compensate our witnesses for appearing in court, as it will require them to take time off of work. Is that allowed? We don't want to run into as issue where it may seem we've paid them for their statements in our favor. HELP! Thanks.
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