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  1. When I purchased my vehicle from bhph dealership, there was no acknowledgement of a finance company. My credit was not ran and no credit application was filled out. It is showing on my contract that the amount was financed at 25%.Also the assignment part of the contract is blank. Does that mean there is no finance company and I am paying interest to them? Should there even be a interest charge with no signs of them financing? The signs say "BUY HERE PAY HERE."
  2. I had purchased a car from a buy here pay here dealership. Every chance they get, they come and repossess vehicle without trying to work out the situation. With that being said, I know of at least three people who have purchased vehicles from this company. They have not made payments in months to years. They have not yet gotten their vehicles repossessed. I have an Acura MDX, which some people are saying that it is the best suv they had on the lot and maybe that is why they do not mind coming to get the vehicle compared to the other vehicles that have gone without payments and still in buyers possession. Can I sue them for discrmination and emotional distress? Or what would it be called? The emotional distress is for it being repossessed three times in one year and having to go through the lies from their end. I have not had problems in the past with them when I purchased other vehicles. I guess those vehicles were crap.
  3. I purchased a suv from a buy here pay here dealer. I have been making payments directly to them. I found out that my vehicle is financed by some so called company. I looked through all my paperwork and it is confusing. The dealer did not tell me when the truck was purchased that it was going to be financed. Also, you cannot be one day late with payment or it will be repoed. Is that okay for the dealer to finance charge the truck without running my credit and not telling me about it being financed?
  4. That is fine for to get general information. No one needs the negativity. That one subscriber most of the time writes negative things on most of the posts that I see. We are trying to get information shal I say instead of the legal advicr. My mistake.
  5. pg1067 I did ask what does that mean and the response was that payments were suppose to made but were not. It did not make sense to me. I believe this site is for legal advice not smarta#% remarks from you everytime a question is asked. If you cannot give legal advice to anyone on this site please have a seat. I like many others are trying to handle things on our own and are asking for help.
  6. I stay in the state of Florida. I have two child support cases that were closed. I called the clerk of courts and they stated that both cases were accessed this month even though they were closed in December 2013. Two questions: What does it mean by the cases were accessed? and Does it mean that the arrears on the cs case have been erased because case was closed?
  7. I stay in the state of Florida. The non custodial parent has a lawsuit settlement coming. I called cse today and found out my case was closed. They informed me to contact the clerk of courts. Can you explain to me what the clerk of courts can do about collecting the lawsuit money? Also, how am i suppose to get my payments for my two minor girls?
  8. I just went through an accident lawsuit. It took three and half years to get to mediation and we decided to settle the day of mediation. Mediation comes after the deposition. If there is not an agreement made then you will go to trial. From what I was told that was a short time compared to others. I stay on Florida. I hope this was helpful.
  9. I live in the state of Florida and so does the non custodial parent. He owes a tremendous amount of back child support to me and two other women. He just settled a car accident lawsuit. Does child support check the system for lawsuits that the non custodial parent may have like they check for tax returns and other things? Will they take the settlement money to pay the back pay? Does the lawyer have to report it or is there a process? How does it work to get that lawsuit money for backpay? Do I have to report it anonymously?
  10. I told her that but wanted to make sure I was right. She is so sick over it. Hopefully the landlord will accept her offer of paying everything when income tax roll in which will give her enough time to find employment. Thanks for advice.
  11. I live in the state of Florida and so does the person I am writing about. My cousin is staying in a duplex that she is two behind in rent. She had lost her job. She asked the landlord to write a 3 day notice so she could get help from an agency to pay rent. The agency could not help due to them having no funds. About two weeks ago her landlord leaves her a handwritten notice stating she needs to leave the premises by Jan. 1st so that the landlord can rent out the place because the tenant will never be able to pay and the tenant needs to have the carpet cleaned by the company the landlord suggested. That is what is stated in letter. Is that a legal eviction or does the landlord have to go to through the court? My cousin has no where to go and no money? I told her she can stay with me but make an effort to work on talking to landlord to resolve issues to stay longer first before doing so. Can she stay until the eviction notice comes from the court?
  12. I stay in Florida. I have an auto accident case that has been ongoing for 3 years and 1 month. We are up to the mediation point. How long does it usually take to get an appointment for mediation? It has already been a month since my lawyer said mediation is going to be set up.
  13. At Fallen, yes it was a stupid decision on my part. I was desperate and decided to take her help not knowing she was going to be so evil, but she is a hot headed, diarrhea of the mouth, not caring about others feelings type of person. The argument started with her calling me naive and gullable and I said ditto. It escalated because she can say things and the other person suppose to shut up and take it. She got mad when I defended myself. I hope she smart because if she does this I got information on her that would but her away and get her kids taken. Hate to fight eye for an eye because that is not me. Kids need their parents. I learned my lesson. I believe in GOD and he always got my back.
  14. I live in Florida and my sister lives in North Carolina. I moved into a new residence and the utilities were in my landlords name. I had a certain amount of time to switcb in my name but could not because still owed money on my account. My sister volunteered to put the utilities in her name. A few months ago we got into an argument and she said I had to get them out of her name in two weeks. Fine can work on that. A week after argument I come home 9 am from an errand. Five minutes later lights click off. I check to see whats wrong. She got them disconnected. My children are questioning. Today she calls and says if I do not pay the bill she will have me prosecuted for identity theft. How can it be id theft when she gave me the info to do it? Plus I have texts and witnesses she knew about it. Should I worry and what can be done to protect me and children for false charges?
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