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  1. Hi I have a question regarding a home inspection gone wrong. We hired an inspector who missed some very important problems that may result in 10,000 of repairs. We had a contract where he tries to wave liability for mistakes but now ha offered money back and some compensation for clean up. My question is only one of us signed the contract we bought the home together but are not married. So I ma assuming any action must be brought by the person that signed the contract ? I understand from the licensure board that there is a process I use to hold him liable through his liability insurance but want ot make sure we fie properly and can he be free from any liability due to contract even for gross negligence? any help would be appreciated.
  2. Hi I live in Massachusetts where child support continues until age 23 or a bachelors degree whichever comes first as long as the child is a college student. My question is if the child who is age 21 is a full time student but lives in an apartment on her own and not with the mother is support still due?
  3. hi i need assistance I rent an apartment month to month no lease. I allowed a friend to stay with me for 2 months (I allowed a friend to move in for three months and she paid me for 3 months. Unfortunately we had nothing in writing as she was a friend) so she could save money as she was down on her luck. My landlord did not add her as a tenant or is he aware as she was a house guest but now she wot leave and is redecorating and running off my friends and family and causing problems. Do I need to have her served a notice even though she is not a tenant or can i enlist the landlord to put her out since she isn't a tenant? Do I have to give a full 30 day notice to her where her tenancy was for 3 months ? We are in Massachusetts. Thanks
  4. Hi I wasn't sure what heading to use to post this question but bear with me. My sister in law has been sharing a home with her fiancee for 20 years. they have raise a child who is about to be 18. They attend events together as a couple and share a bed. The have been unhappy for a long time and now with their daughter leaving for college things are ending, The problem is yesterday without warning he served her a notice to quit the premises they share together. He does own the house but she has lived there since its purchase. The upsetting thing is in the notice he called her a tenant and portrayed himself as her landlord. She doesn't not pay rent and they are in a domestic relationship and live in the home together with their daughter. Any advice you can give me would be appreciated.
  5. I guess what I am asking is if he goes to court will I be compelled to send my son alone?
  6. hello, I live in Massachusetts. My son is 3 years old and has been livingwith me since birth. We are young parents, I am 20 and my ex is 21,I have a lot of family help, i live with my parents,and my grandparents living on first floor.My ex has only had minimal visits with our son and they are very sporatic at best. Every time he is with him there is any issue and he brings him home and he has only spent the night once and my son wanted to come home. My ex drinks and parties a lot and is enjoying being free,since our break up while i work and go to school. Now he is moving to Florida with a woman he just met and wants me to agree to put MY 3 year old on a plane alone and send him away for extended periods. I am not comfortable with this and my son has never been away from home and is too young to understand. I am fine with his dad coming back to visit until my son is older but this is too much for my son. what if any recourse do I have? There is currently no custody agreement because he has never shown an interests in having him for more than an hour or two once a month if even that much.
  7. hi I live in massachusetts and i was wondering what the threshold is for taking temporary custody of my grandson. my daughter is having problems with drugs and alcohol and also has diagnosed anxiety and depression and angry outbursts and wont take meds. the father is infrequently involved and also parties. i am very concerned for his welfare and my daughter will not admit she has a problem
  8. i am wondering if a boss can make a lateral transfer with out posting a position first and considering other applicants? also is there any law in mass protecting employees that have been with a company a long time ?
  9. I rent a contractor bay In massachusetts, they are like garages that people rent for their buisnesses like landscapping or masonary buisnesses. The landlord has a history of locking people out of their shops if they are behind on rent. He does this with no paperwork or legal notice. He just locked my neighbor out and i am a little behind on rent and fear i am next. I know with apartments landlords cant change locks without due process but in storage facilities they can because itsin the contract. I am unclear as to what applies in my situation. When he locks people out they cant access their tools etc to do work. Thank
  10. in massachusetts i know child support will be extended past 18 as long as the child is in college but is it until 22 years old or 23 years old,, as long as they are working on a bachelors degree?
  11. we are in massachusetts. my friend had an outstanding debt and there was a defaut judgement entered against her this past august in court because she failed to show or defend, however she had moved out of state and never received any of the notices,. the notices were sent to her prior address. she does owe the debt but was hoping to have the judgement removed so she can negotiate a pay off with the bank directly is there anyway to accomplish this. i know in some cases sending notice to the last known address does constitute notice but we were told that she can file a motion to remove the judgement due to lack of notice. any help or guidance would be appreciated.
  12. my daughters boyfriend is 17, he had been here legally till his visa expired last year and they are expecting a baby and want to get married. he apparently needs a valid id to get a marriage licence which he cant get without a valid visa. he is still a minor i dont know if this helps or complicates things but he cant risk going back to brasil and not being here for his child. any help appreciated. we are in mass.
  13. my daughter is 16 her boyfriend is 17 and she is pregnant. they wish to get married. there seems to be conflicting information online as to the requirements in massachusetts to get married at 16. some information says under 16 years old court permission is required, and 16-18 years old only parental permission not court permission is required, other sites say court permisssion must be obtained even at 16. i need to figure this out, please help thanks
  14. we lve in massachusetts and my husband is trying to win an unemployment hearing. he was denied unemployment benefits based on the fact he technically quit. he is trying to make a case for constructive termination based on hostile workplace. i was hoping to get some help on how to proceed. we cannot afford an attorney.
  15. Can an insurance provider refuse to cover a now ex spouse that was covered prior to divorce if a family plan is still in effect, when it is ordered that the husband carry the wife in the divorce agreement. Is this finding state specific. This is a maine case. [This post has been moved to the appropriate discussion. - Moderator]
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