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  1. I have looked on the web for info regarding employee safety from a coworker who is mentally ill. He put a paper on the bulletin board and placed many derogatives and inflammatory comments directed to me but not specifically mentioned. He did it by physical description and by initial. I have brought the paper evidence to my employer (a large company in NJ) and they are supposed to be looking into it. They did a "fact finding" which was more like me being interregated. It has been about 30 days now and still no answer as to what will happen to this guy or my safety. We have an integrity policy which he is in violation. My immediate supervisors told me they believe that the paper is legitimate and that he wrote it and that it seems to be directed at me. With all of this evidence I don't see what is taking so long. I think my employer is afraid to do anything cause it should result in his firing and a possible ADA lawsuit. This is not the first time he has threatened me nor lied to get me fired. There is a history of his aberrant behavior with me as well as others. What are my rights as to getting this issue resolved? This man has guns and bows n stuff and is clearly not stable. What is my employers obligation to me? I think it has taken too long to resolve this and I am getting nervous regarding this individual coming to my home or going postal at work. This guy is mentally obsessed with me. I hear it from people at work what he says and does, and I am concerned that it has risen to a higher degree. I am reluctant to force this situation with a lawyer or EEOC at this time. I hear of to many people getting back lashed from this type of thing. I need my job and have applied to another location. But it is not 100% likely I could get that job. thanx for anyone's help Elmark
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