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  1. I had an officer knock on my door at 11:00 last night asking who owns the truck sitting across the street from our house. I told him it was mine and he said no way, where's Charlie. I went and got him. He had been drinking and I drove his truck home. The officer said he knows Charlie was driving and he had hit a mailbox, the guy got his plate and followed his truck home. The officer also said the guy described Charlie to a tee, and that the guy did not want to go to court. I did not even drive that way home and I know I didn't hit a mailbox, but the officer was intent on Charlie having drove and didn't listen to a word I said. He said that since he couldn't dispute I drove he would send the hit and run to me, but if Charlie told him he was the one driving that he'd take him straight to jail. I think the officer didn't believe me since I'm 4'11" and it's a full sized truck. We live in PA, Pittsburgh area. Do I have a good defense to fight this in front of a magistrate. There was more that went on, but this is the gist of it. Does anyone have any knowledge on the subject?
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