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  1. And what is that supposed to mean? Every response was there was nothing that can be done about it because it was my error and it wasn't considered theft but according to the contract only one payment of $41.34 was required so essentially it is theft because they took something they were not entitled to! If your going to just troll profiles i prefer you stay away from mine! There are enough trolls out there. My original intention was to find the case files i provided above and what it was called. However i think i have found much more than i was looking for or needed.
  2. Any other smart ass replies as to belittling me for an error or my ability to take care of my kids!!!
  3. My problem is the customer service! Had they not chose to belittle me over my error of wanting them paid first out of my check. I probably would have never even cared they applied it to my account had they explained the issue. Rude service equals me really going after anyone. In my position i go above and beyond as much as i can.
  4. It goes on to say that: "A person is guilty of an offense if: 1. a wrongful credit has been made to an account kept by him or in respect of which he has any right or interest; 2. he knows or believes that the credit is wrongful; and he dishonestly fails to take such steps as are reasonable in the circumstances to secure that the credit is cancelled."
  5. There is no "degree of difficulty" requirement in theft; a theft made easier by another's mistake or lack of attention is still theft.
  6. https://www.forbes.com/sites/moneybuilder/2012/05/24/bank-error-in-your-favor/#3be09f7052a3 Oh, and for the record… The same general rules apply to erroneous tax refunds — if it’s not actually your money, you can’t reasonably expect to keep it. In general terms, if you receive a deposit that you’re not expecting, don’t go spending it until you’ve investigated and confirmed that you’re actually entitled to the money.
  7. You are legally obligated to return the money when they discover the error. Steve Fields learned this the hard way when a $30,000 deposit that appeared in his account inspired him to go on a spending spree. How did a Georgia teen spend nearly $30,000 that was not his? (+video) He was sentenced to 10 years probation and obligated to repay the money. It is not clear if he has done that. In the movie Rosalie Goes Shopping there is a great quote: "when you're $100,000 in debt, it's your problem. But when you're $1 million in debt, its the bank's".
  8. http://kdvr.com/2015/03/10/teena... The headline reads: Teenager CONVICTED after spending $30,000 mistakenly deposited into his account. The sentence he received is in the first paragraph of the article--He has to pay the money back AND serve 10 years probation. This is for $30,000. For a teenager. I shudder to think what the sentence would be for $1 million.
  9. As for your water bill maybe you should quit wasting water! For example, there was a 22-year-old in a Philadelphia suburb whose bank mistakenly deposited nearly $70,000 into his account in March 2012. At the time, the account-holder only had about $35 in his account, but over the next several weeks, he made several withdrawals from his account and spent all but $2,000 of the money before his bank traced their error back to his account. While the bank is ultimately responsible for replacing lost monies in such situations, this account-holder was charged by the local police with receiving stolen property and theft of property lost by mistake. If you ever find that your bank account has more money in it than you know should be there, the best way to avoid any potential problems is to leave the money alone and immediately notify your bank. While it may not be noticed for a few days or weeks, eventually the bank will trace their mistake back to your account and withdraw the mistakenly deposited money from your account. If the money is not there, they will request that you replace the funds…and if you refuse, the police will get involved for further investigation. Source: PhillyBurbs
  10. It's the annual fee not a regular monthly payment and yes i have two credit card payments both for $15 dollars due this week. Which is less than $30 bucks. Plus have other things like gas and food expenses and yes this $41.34 is a big hit as the other cash i have on hand has to go to the bills. So do i feed my kid, put gas in the car or pay the bills. Had i had the $41.34 i would not be having this issue as i would have over $88 bucks to get me through to next pay. Secondly if you have nothing positive to say and just want to judge others for a financial mistake!! I hope Karma serves you justice. Oh and when i signed up i had no clue i was getting into a contract. Their advertising is all about no commitments. But since i did i was trying to make the best of it. Which is why i tried to make sure the payment was ahead of schedule as they also charge other fees like late and failed payment fees. So excuse me for trying to do the right thing. In closing one day karma is going to bite you in the ass. Theft of funds that they are currently not due or even billed yet and def not entitled to is theft. It doesn't matter what they claim as the bills were not due and the contract explicitly states $41.34 yearly on may 1'st and $21.19 every month on the 17'th. As for this thread. It is useless as today they took the advice and processed the refund so the 9'th my bills can be paid and tomorrow my son can still have a small birthday party. As for judging me for getting the account number and the routing number backwards. Usually the routing number is first on bank information and then followed by the account number. The documents i have are the exact opposite. Secondly i don't have checks to refer to, as everything i do is usually debit. Third my contract explicitly states i have the right to full control of my billing process. Which i am doing because no one has the right to just take money from someones account even if they make a mistake as they should have contacted me first about the overpayment!!! In closing "judgement free zone???" We will see!
  11. Recently signed up back in march for planet fitness. My annual dues were due Sunday may 1st. So last week i tried to make a payment with a credit card and it never seemed to process as i kept checking back to make sure they got their money. On Sunday i checked in to see if they had received that $41.34. It had not processed and their was this disclaimer that this club only allows eft payments. So i once again made a payment thus trying to make sure they were paid on time so i didn't have any extra fees. This week they have kept both the credit card payment of $41.34 and the eft payment of $41.34. When i contacted them about the over payment the rep (rick) was not only rude but blamed the whole thing on me and told me to contact my bank. First off i was trying to make sure my account was in good standing right away. Secondly nowhere in my contract does it state they are allowed to keep over payments and the due date explicitly states they are billing $41.34 on may 1st as well as $21.19 the 17'th of each month. A lot of us live paycheck to paycheck and a extra $41.34 dollar hit is not something i can afford. My question is how do i proceed to rip them a new one. Customer service when a client is trying to pay a head of time should be their top priority. Not one call back from the company and i believe the rep i talked to when i called them blew smoke just to get me off the phone. I keep checking my account and taking screenshots to maintain a chain of evidence. Not only do i want to cancel the contract as they broke the contract by taking funds they were not entitled to under the contract. I want a refund plus interest! Maybe even some stress money as now i have no clue how to pay other bills and the late fees associated with them! Plus i have a child to support here at home. When he asks for a dollar or two and i tell him no because it was stolen. Theft is defined by keeping something you are not entitled to. My other fees were not due as of this week!!!
  12. Update - Should have done this a few years ago. But VINDICATED!!!! They were in fact breaking laws. Submitting falsified reports to USIS, hire right, or any other criminal reporting database even if they are private sector is a crime. Are you aware these companies can be sued to false information being provided for employment data. I just love it when a plan come together. Don't you?
  13. Just want to update! He is gone! I feel bad but it was the best for everyone involved! Things are a lot more productive and we have less turnover!
  14. My watch was stolen during the invasion of our personal areas where they further victimized me as a attempted stabbing victim. I did nothing wrong but defend myself in a volatile situation. Could it be because of the unicorn? lol Only they would truly know what that means. However I'll tell you It involves theft of funds from a Military intelligence Unit and being spent on a stripper with a unicorn tat on her ass. Poor girl probably was sold in sex slavery and was trying to dig her way out any way possible, this incident happens to be in Korea. Lets take for a minute how many kids are thrown away in this country? Foster care / Adoptive re-homing, system emancipation, Wait its just not the United States lets look at the bigger picture! Around military bases around the world a lot of bars are in fact potential possible places of human trafficking of Girls could be Guys too but ewwe. Guys can be victimized as much as girls. Throwing kids away has to stop. Taking kids from complete bio families has to stop. Not seeking out the true best alternative placements has to stop. Do you really want me to keep digging? I can do this all day, all week, all year, and the rest of my life. Its more important to me than any other project I'm working on. I have lots of projects as i suffer from sleep deprivation Why am i coming for you and making such a fuss. I was 10 months old. You took me and left me in a home from when i could remember, told me i wasn't wanted and could always be taken back where i was found. In fact how many times did she role play when i was very young that she would drop me off at their doorstep in the middle of the night. Did she get off on this power trip? Was her power trips a form of sexual gratification? Why would someone routinely torture a child who only wanted to be accepted! Mental Health records are awesome especially these ones. Where were you and why weren't you protecting me? Why was funding more importing than saving my life from this home of abuse. And this was only one home of the three I was in. All three had issues but one wasn't half as bad as the rest. I still try to stay positive and blame the system for how they corrupted this home and stressed the mom out. I was there helping take care of her when she was dying of cancer. I always cut their grass and did what i could because i wanted a family. Where is my forever family? I don't even care about that now. I care that kids are still going through what we were subjected to and the system doesn't bat an eye. There is legislation in congress or the house now sitting because it can't be agreed upon to further protect kids in the system or to prevent them from ever being traumatized by a removal unless of course there are serious issues with exploitation or severe physical or mental abuse. I only advocate those issues because i experienced them in the homes that were suppose to protect me in my best interest. Side note they will eventually read this as i market every thing so they can see. So in refering to you they know who just it is i am referring to.
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