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  1. I live in Tucson, Arizona. We have two different types of driver's license: a "vertical" license issued to people under 21, and a "horizontal" license issued to people over 21. I was issued my driver's license when I was 19 years old (so it is a vertical license), and it does not expire until I turn 65. I attempted to purchase an alcoholic beverage at a restaurant tonight, and I was informed by the management that they are not "legally obligated" (their words) to accept vertical licenses as identification. I am not familiar with legal nomenclature, but it seems to me that, according to the Arizona Revised Statutes Title 4, Chapter 2, Article 3, Section 4-241, Subsection K, any unexpired driver license issued by any state or Canada including a picture on the license of the licensee is legally acceptable ID. Is anyone familiar enough with Arizona law to tell me if this restaurant was legally in the right, and if so what law or laws puts them in the right? Thank you.
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