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  1. i have also found several links online that suggest in Michigan, the plates are not taken.....or not supposed to be taken
  2. I have also read that it is a common practice for a car to be sold at auction for the very lowest price and it is not reasonable because they just wanted to sell the car as fast as possible. Not trying to get a fair price because they are just in a rush to auction it off.
  3. i went to the link you suggested. It does state that a letter has to be sent to inform you of where the auction will be and that you can attend in Michigan. Mi Comp L 440.9614
  4. $3400 is the amount they say we owe because of late fees, tow truck and cleaning vehicle..huh
  5. who has our license plate? and was that legal in Michigan to sell our car without notifying us first?
  6. We were behind a couple months in making a car payment. We did stay in contact with the credit union that financed the car. They accepted late payments, no problem. One night I heard something outside and looked out the window. Our car was being repossessed. My husband went out there very calmly and asked if he could remove a few things from inside the car. No problem. He gave them the key to the car and came back in the house. We thought we would hear from them about getting up to date on the past due amount, we never did until 2 weeks later. We got a letter in the mail stating they had sold the car in auction for $3400. The loan was for almost $8,000. We had the used car for exactly one year and put money into it, fixing things. 2 questions? weren't they supposed to inform us of a potential sale of the vehicle and given us a chance to pay the full amount past due? AND we never got our license plate back, it had a brand new tab on the license plate. They are crazy if they think we are going to pay $3400. That is not a reasonable sale after owning the used vehicle for one year and putting money into fixing things.
  7. My employer received a Tax Credit for hiring me. "Hiring Incentive to Restore Employment Act". A few weeks later I was let go with a vague description of a work preformance problem. Really? Wish I had been told before I got fired. I don't want them to get a Tax Credit. Too late to do anything about it?
  8. Ater the deductions, my social security statement shows less than what I actually made. This employer misclassified others too. I was treated exactly like an employee. Even forced to work most holidays. I guess it's just a lesson learned now. They got away with it, and will continue to do so with others.
  9. I was misclassified as an IC. I didn't fully understand what an IC was until I looked it up. I needed the job so I went along with it. I deducted a few things on my taxes because I figured I might as well get simple deducations. Mileage, Phone, etc.. Recently quit the job. My accountant said that by going along with the IC lable, I understood what I was doing. I had no choice. I would have fired had I caused trouble over the misclassification. I was told I would have received over $7,000 in tax refunds last year, had I been classified as an employee. That makes me angry that someone took advantage of me and forced me into this classification. Drop it? Or find out how to be reclassified for that former job so I get full credit on my social security for what I actually earned?
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