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  1. Thank you, and please accept my apology, I am bitter at this entire situation, one that I can't give every detail (minor involved) but it is appreciated that you gave me something I can use. I do not know your name, but you are an attorney and it is my fault to assume that I can find some laws on a website called FINDLAW.COM, but I sincerely do appreciate the website. I would like to say that I have recently taken the children from my x-wife (within the past three years) and last year she was suspended 7 times from fighting and only once this year. I am doing what I can with what I have which is no support from mom (not child support either) just support.
  2. Ted from Texas, I do exactly that. I know for a fact that she goes to school and walks into the building. As a matter of fact, she has not literally been absent at all this semester, the tardies she gets from hanging out in the bathroom with her friends too long. I do remember something about "a person will not be persecuted without due process", if this was causing a problem shouldn't the school have informed me about it -- you can believe I am passing the buck all you want but like any other parent that works during the day, I cannot follow her around in school to make sure she is doing what she needs to be doing and not what her friends are telling her. Can you imagine the horror if every parent with this kind of problem even if it is slight were to go to their children's school and follow them around all day ? If this is truly the law, the law is truly blind & dumb. By the way, I'm not sure about Texas, but here in Oklahoma, if you put a bruise on your child, even by accident, the DHS will take everything that means anything to you, otherwise, I have already taken her cell and her computer, her privileges to have friends over, and television ... what else would you or anyone else have me take from her for there isn't anything else to take. Some people you just can't get through to, so when do they begin to reap the punishment and realize that there are consequences to pay when you break the rules and that being in every class on time isn't just dad's rule ... I was looking for someone that possibly knew my rights but apparently I have none and I should call the state and have them care for my children because I'm apparently incompetent and then move into a box on the street because that's what unwanted vagabons of society do. Either that or run for office. i was once a pretty good person and would never wish bad things on anyone, but I sure hope this happens to those that believe it's ALL MY FAULT !!!
  3. So the truancy laws are questioning more along the lines of my parenting skills and not punishing the true offender. I guarantee if you were in this spot you would not call this rhetoric first of all and secondly I was looking for LAW or my rights as a parent, not someone trying to blow steam off by chastizing my skills as a SINGLE DAD !!! I admit I'm not perfect, but I will tell you that last year she was suspended 7 times and only twice this year. Ever heard of "work in orogress "? Seriously though, do you have a bars license or are you some idiot sitting at home with nothing more to do than judge people you know nothing about ! If you don't have an answer that begins with "By law " THEN DON'T REPLY !!! thank you.
  4. I am not the first Oklahoma parent to be a victim of the new truancy crackdown "let's make an example out of John Doe' laws and unfortunately not the last either. I would really like to know why I am being punished for my child being tardy too much and occasionally hanging out in the bathroom to completely "ditch" a class. I am not there to control her all day and especially in this day cannot afford to be. Why have the schools lost control of the children and blame the parents ? Wher have my rights gone ? I did my time in school and doing it again to try to make a better life for my two girls and myself ! How can I be punished for some one else's transgressions ?