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  1. Can someone tell me of the penalty for livestock at large?
  2. Tuesday 8/27/2019, at feeding time 6:30 AM it was noticed that Mr. Liberty was not in his field. We continued to feed the goats at at about 7:00 AM I went back with the tractor to check the fence for his possible escape route and direction of travel. All fences were intact and erect. While I was back there a sheriffs deputy pulled up to the house and informed my hubby that my horse was down the road and a "neighbor" had shot and killed him. The news hit me like a brick. When I was told it was the neighbor whom we (I) have had a feud with since 2009 I saw red. The story is My horse is (was) a 12 year old registered Tennessee Walker gated stallion, I raised him from a foal, trained him to ride, and rode him up until my hip went out. I could do anything to this horse, he was such a calm gentleman. When we got to the place there was the, we call him daddy dickhead, a couple other people and 2 deputies. My beautiful baby was caught in a small catch pen, a lead rope was clipped to his halter (he was wearing a flymask and his halter) and tied to the rail. The daddy dickhead stated that Liberty had gotten into his field, one of his mares was in heat, and was chasing them around. I don't know at what point the dickheads felt threatened but they stated that this corralled, tied up horse frightened them so out of fear the little dickhead (daddy dickheads son, who is also a pedophile) put a bullet not dead center of his forehead but lower in his sinus/nose area. Then they called the law. The dickheads stated they did not know whose hose it was, but they knew where to tell the deputies to go. Remember those times? Mr. Liberty was shot at 6:45 AM. He was still warm even in the rain when we got to him. The dickheads knew full well it was my horse. They executed my horse as revenge against me.
  3. I live in Hawkins County, Tennessee. If my horse gets out is my neighbor permitted to shoot it?
  4. I don't want to do any work. I want to know why the county road superintendant claims this is a county road yet it is on private property and the county workers do not maintain it. Is it because it is not a county road because it on private property or because the county workers are just lazy and don't want to maintain it. Again I ask what is law on County Road Crews working on private property?
  5. I live in Hawkins County Tennessee. Can County road workers do work on a road that enters into and ends on private property?
  6. What is the difference between an easement and a right-of-way. Who is responsible for the maintenance of a right-of-way/easement?
  7. When you cross Property A in order to get to landlocked property B, on which deed will the easement or right of way be located?
  8. If you have to cross over Property A to reach Property B on which deed should the right of way be recorded if one exists. I live in N.E. Tennessee. Goattalker
  9. I live in NE Tennessee. The road in front of my house continues into my neighbors property, we'll call this property A, for 2/10 of a mile then stops (I am currently leasing this property). There exists beyond my neighbors property a parcel of "landlocked" property, we'll call this property B. Since the purchase of property A there has been a gate across the road at the beginning of this property. Access to property B has been through the gate then stop at the end of the road and continue on foot across the creek and up hill to property B on foot. There has never existed a road to property B. Now last year some other neighbors that live at the other end of the valley decided that they needed to get to property B. The problem was that the owner of property A did not want these people on his property so access was denied. These neighbors set out to get the gate torn down saying that the road was a county road and could not have a gate on a county road. I did a lot of research into the legality of this statement. I found, by reading the commission meetings minutes, that a road must be requested by the property owners to become a county road. The request must be made a motion to be made a county road at the commission meetings. It must then be voted on and accepted and made a resolution to be a county road and added to the county road list. What I discovered was that none of this happened. The road just appeared on the list about 12 years ago. According to the criteria of county roads "no roads will be accepted as county roads with cattle guards or gates in place". When the road appeared on the list the gate had been in place for about 10-15 years. Now we can fast forward to today. I am leasing property A and I am told that to block a county road with a gate is a Class C Felony . I have spoke with my commissioners and the road committee and on one hand the commissioners say the gate is fine no one is interested in the last 2/10 of this road. The road committee even admitted that they have not maintained this road. Yet the road is still on the road list and the road committee will not remove it because of property B. Access to property B has not changed and the owned of property A would like the gate to stay in place for the security of his property containing a cabin and a barn and property B. Up here the "good ole boys" just love to find property that is on a dead end road off a dead end road for their "activities". Nice and private and secluded. How can I get the commissioners and the road committee to admit that the road in question was improperly added to the list and get it removed or shortened to stop before the gate? goattalker
  10. I live on a county road in NE Tennessee. Or so I thought. The road is on the list of county roads at a length of 5/10 of a mile. The road ends on private property in front of the cabin. The last 2/10 of the road are behind a gate that has been in place for almost 30 years. No one has ever questioned this gate or the validity of its presence. Last year a neighbor that lives at the far end of the other valley protested the presence of the gate on a county road. He was denied access by the land owner and now set his mind on removal of the gate. Last year I decided I would lease this land and needing the gate in place I began to research the facts. I found that according to the commissioners a road has to be submitted to the commission by all the property owners for approval as a county road. The commissioners then examine the state of the road and if the road meets the criteria of the road department a resolution is made that the road be accepted as county road. This did not happen. The road appeared on the list without any request by the land owners or resolution by the commissioners. At the time the road appeared on the list the gate had been in place for almost 20 years. I brought this to my commissioners attention at the last commission meeting. The chairman of the road committee and my commissioner both agreed that it was not a county road because it had not been legally deemed a county road and the gate should stay in place. The road superintendent did not care about the last 2/10 of a mile since the road department had never maintained it. With the gate in place I was working on the fence when a sheriffs deputy drove up and told me to take down the gate because it was illegal to block a county road. I tried to explain to him what the commissioners told me that it never was a county road and he said they did not write the law. As long as the road was still on the list I was to take down the gate or be charged with a Class C Felony for blocking a county road and he would be back to the next day to verify that the gate was down. The neighbor that lives at the other end of the valley is the one that is pushing the issue about this gate. He has been told by the property owner that he is not permitted on his land. He has been told by every other property owner on this road that they do not want him riding up and down the road on his little gater utility vehicle. Yet he still does so. How can I stop him from harassing me over this gate. Where can I find the laws pertaining to county roads in Tennessee?
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