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  1. I was driving in the middle lane of traffic, when switching to the right lane after using my blinkers, another car turning in to the far right lane from another street hits me in the right side of my pickup near the back tire, the police officer that was present said the from his view of where the damage was, It must have been me who was not watching cars pulling on to the street while I was switching lanes, But had the other car not hit the brakes so suddenly, He would have hit me further up on the side of my truck. I on the other hand had no knowledge of the other vehicle pulling out before contact, By my view. I should only have to watch the other vehicles traveling in the three lanes heading in the same direction of me while switching lanes, the other car who was turning on to the street regardless of which lane he/she is turning in to is responsible for make his/her on opinion on when it is safe to pull out into traffic. BTW traffic was heavy and I hardly had enough room to switch lanes. what was the other car doing pulling on to the stree at the time. from my view he was not paying attention and misjudged the distance to the stop sigh becuase of how suddenly he was out in the street and already in the process of hitting his brakes. ................If anyone has any advice to give me it would be very helpful, I have only liability insure and am currently schooling in my trade and do not have money for something I do not feel I am in fault for.....there were no cameras and nobody took the time to stop and fill a report, which from their view would just be a harmless finder binder/ but from my perspective is a matter of paying rent that month. this happened at the corner of 14th st and municipal in plano tx, Thank you
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