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  1. thank you for responding and yes i want to modify it. tenneessee is the state.
  2. i have learned this wed site is not here to help but only judge people! It needs to be removed! False advertisement!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  3. all i know is i was told his temp was extremly high to the point he was very lathargic. He was in that shape for two days. did not call me to let me know and didnt bother taking him to the er. I wasent told until i picked him up from visit his condition where it was then i seen he was in bad shape and i rushed him to er. busted eardrum temp of 104 rsv. he has been on inhome res. care since then and 1 surgery to repair ear. there has to b a law 2 hold him accountable for this. supervised visits at least?
  4. this goes out the the person who posted about changing their childrens last name and their children calling their boyfriend daddy. IM on your side all the way. who are the people on here to judge!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! they are supost to be on here giving us legal advice to to be juging any 1!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  5. his temp was 104 when i picked him up, very lathargic, and had blood and puss draining from ear. i was told they had to remove his clothes over night because of his temp but still did not call me nor take him to nearest er!!!!!
  6. A Im just needing advice on the law side of it. his dad was on supervised visits and now he is not. this visit that he had fallen sick with his father was only his second time visit over night ever granted. Common since you take a baby to the emergency room with that kind of a fever. I just think that was neglect on his part and to me abuse to a child. im a mother and i would never do that! i would just like to know my rights on the legal stand point. please.....
  7. i need all the advice i can get. my 1 year old son had his 2nd over night visit with his father and got exstremly ill while in his care. his father did not call me nor take him to emergency room. he was in very sick baby after i got him back and i rushed him to the er. i have filed motion to suspend visitation and have a court date.
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