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  1. Six months ago I was involved in an auto accident where my vehicle was struct passenger rear. I received the citation for failure to yield the day after the accident occurred. The other party filed a small claims suit against me and the judge put in a judgment for the Plaintiff. I am still trying to wrap my head around this incident. The insurance company refused to take a look at my vehicle or pay for damages that their policy holder caused to my vehicle. Unfortunately, at the time that my vehicle was hit my insurance company canceled my policy. I am currently unemployed and I've tried to get a lawyer but keep getting referred to the Bar Association since there was no injury from the incident. Plus, the expired insurance policy. Since it has been 6 months, is there anything that I can do to protect my leased vehicle and someone else's bank account? If a lawyer is responding to this: Do I have a motion to countersue? If so, what grounds and can you reference any articles?
  2. How can I protest to have my traffic citations dismissed? Are there any articles that I can read to assist with my claims?
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