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  1. Hi, and thanks to anyone who can help!! My child has a 504 Plan for Severe ADHD. She is 11 years old. She has had a 504 Plan since 1st grade (now in 6th). However, she just changed schools. Until now, she has had modifications in her Math classes which were simply to reduce the number of problems assigned or grade on completed problems without deducting points for incomplete problems on tests. She would have to complete odd or even numbered problems for homework/classwork assignments. Suddenly, her new school is telling me that she cannot have "modifications" in her 504 Plan. Here is the actual email: Hi XXX, I spoke with our Director of Counseling, XXXX, and reducing the number of problems on assignments or assessments is not an option for a 504 plan because it becomes a modification of work rather than an accommodation. This is only an option for students on IEPs. We would be able to add an accommodation for 50% extra time on math tests, which should give her enough time to finish. Thanks, XXXX Can someone please tell me if this is accurate, and if not point me to regulatory information etc...that I can share to help my child get help. She has had a 504 Plan all of these years vs an IEP because she was in a private school with minimal special education services. I am in the process of a getting her a new neuropsych eval to see if an IEP would be a more appropriate path. But until then... there is the 504 Plan.
  2. Thank you, Des. Yes, I was trying to get an appointment with the attorney in each of my correspondence. Unfortunately, her paralegal acts as a sort of gatekeeper, and would not respond. There was no receptionist to take calls and make appointments. Everything through the paralegal. However, all of my emails were addressed to the attorney as well. I appreciate you taking the time to answer. Your information was very helpful! Donna
  3. Thank you for your thought. It seems as though I just didn't get clear guidance from the beginning.
  4. I entered into a Chapter 13 in 2015. The reason I entered Ch 13 vs Ch 7 was so that I could keep my car (which in hindsight was a mistake as the car was not in good shape). In August 2017 the transmission on the car went for the 2nd time in 9 months, in addition to other issues. I attempted to contact my bankruptcy attorney multiple times over the next few months. I called, emailed 6 different times. I have records of all of these attempts. My attorney's office just would not return my calls or emails requesting that my case be converted to a Chapter 7 so that I could relinquish the car, and get another vehicle. I did not know that I could attempt to get another car while in the Ch 13. But my attorney was not calling me back or replying to my emails. I attempted to find a new attorney. I was told by 3 different attorneys that until my current lawyer released the case they could not take it. I had a family emergency (father diagnosed with end-stage cancer), and put the issue on the back burner for a couple of months. Then in January attempted again to call my attorney. Again no replies. I called the Bankruptcy Trustee's office to find out if I could convert without an attorney and explained why. She, in turn, called (twice) my attorney and strongly suggested that they call me back. It took 2 phone calls by the Trustee, AND a certified letter terminating my relationship with them before I finally received an email from my attorney. She stated that she didn't know I was trying to reach her. I sent her all of my call logs, emails etc... I stayed with my attorney simply because the conversion through her was not going to cost me any more money. I had paid them $4500 for the Ch 13, which was to include any and all future actions on the bankruptcy. She converted, and my 431 meeting is in 3 weeks. The car has been literally on its last legs. Less than a month ago I had to replace the radiator. Yesterday it was dead in my driveway. Had it jumped only to hear it making the worst noises and running extremely erratically. This morning...dead again! I cannot put more money into this car. I have used my quota of tows through my roadside assistance service. Towing and labor alone will be over $1000, and I need that for a down payment on a newer car. Had my attorney helped me back in 2016 I would not be in this predicament now. My bankruptcy won't be discharged for at least 6-8 weeks. I have no one to borrow a car from. I will need to pay for a rental. I'm sorry for the long story. Questions: 1. Is there a way to expedite the Ch 7 process to get a discharge sooner? The only creditor that came to the initial meeting of the creditors was the car loan people. 2. Is there something that my lawyer could /should be doing that I can talk to her about? I just feel like she is taking advantage of my lack of understanding about this whole process. Thank you... Donna
  5. Hi, and thanks in advance for your thoughts. I have two questions, and I will try to be brief. First: I am currently in a Chapter 13. I went with Ch. 13 because I needed to keep my car. I had very little other debt in the bankruptcy. The car is falling apart. To make a long story short, I have had to put over $6k in repairs this past year. So, I need a new / gently used car (I don't buy NEW). I am thinking of converting to a Chapter 7, and letting the car go, but I need an estimated time line of How much time do I have from conversion to repossession? Secondly: My Ch. 13 Lawyer does not reply to my emails, or phone calls pertaining to this. I have called him 4 times (left 3 messages, and 1 time spoke directly to him & he said he would call me back), and 4 emails. These attempts have been over the course of months. He has been paid in full for all services pertaining to the Ch. 13. Can I convert without a lawyer as it is really only the Car Financing Company that was at the previous meeting of the creditors? Lastly, any other suggestions or ideas? Ok that was 3 questions. Thank you very much for your time & thoughts!! Donna
  6. Thank you for contacting me. I have reached out to 3 different attorneys from the directory in the above message. In short, I have received the following (or very similar) in return: Hi Donna, Thank you for contacting me about your case. I am sorry to learn that you have had a break down with your prior attorney. At this time, I am not able to take on your case. I wish you all the best in the future. XXX I am at a loss. Does anyone know if I can do this conversion without the help of an attorney? Thank you. Donna
  7. Thank you pg1067. I called one attorney, and he said that it would be a conflict? That I had to ask my attorney to remove himself??
  8. Hi. I filed chapter 13 a little over a year ago. I now wish to convert to a chapter 7, as the car that I was trying to hold onto via the Chapter 13 is falling apart. I have contacted my lawyer 3 times about this since August 17th. A couple of questions were answered in one email, but I have not had any response to my follow up on August 24th. I want to find a new lawyer, but I guess it is not as straightforward as I thought it would be. Can someone please tell me what steps I must take to find a more responsive attorney. I feel like we could be so far into the process already as I don't think it is that complicated. My Chapter 13 certainly wasn't. Thank you ahead for your help. Donna
  9. Thank you Des. I appreciate your help with my questions very much!! Donna
  10. Thank you very much. If the same attorney is filing the conversion, will he / she then be able to collect the unpaid fees? Again, I appreciate your help. I just want to be clear on what to expect, to make the best decision. As a nurse, this is like alien-speak to me. Donna
  11. I have a few questions regarding converting my Chapter 13 to Chapter 7, and also Attorney's fees as reported in the National Data Center. How long does a conversion take once initiated? When do Chapter 13 payments stop? Once a conversion is filed, or completed? What will happen with my car (do they come and get it?), and approximately how long do I have to find a replacement vehicle? Regarding attorney fees: Some of my attorney fees are included in the Chapter 13 plan. What happens to them if / when I convert? When I look at my information on the NDC (National Data Center) website, I noticed that there is zero payment recorded for "Attorney payments made outside the plan". I did pay my attorney $1500.00 outside the plan. Should this concern me? Should this have been reported to the Bankruptcy Judge and be recorded in NDC? I know this a lot, and appreciate any and all help! Thank you!! Donna
  12. My adult disabled child is entitled to survivor benefits as she has had a disability since teenage years. She was on SSI, now is collecting the survivor benefit which is a little more, but her food stamps went away so it is what it is. Anyway, she is supposed to be getting back pay going back 4 years. Her SSI income was $733 per month. Her Survivor benefit is $1101. How is back pay calculated, and is it dispersed in a single or multiple checks. I am her rep payee, so I want to plan wisely as to how to tell her, and guide her decision making. Have gotten different answers by calling the 800 number. Any help is appreciated. I know this may not be the right forum, but I did not see one specifically for social security. Thank you in advance... Donna
  13. Hi, Today I finally recieved the call that my SSDI was approved. I severely injured my back in 2014. I was told that my PIA was going to be $2100 per month. I have 2 minor dependants. What would may Max Family Benefit be if I applied for benefits for them? Is this a common thing and how long is the process? Thank you very much! Donna
  14. My niece was thrown out of her house by her father (mom lost custody 13 years ago. No relation ship) at 17 years old. She came to live with me in the hopes that I could help her finish school and move out on her own etc... I added a cell phone to my account with the agreement that she would pay me monthly. I planned to hold her to that agreement. Neice decides in 4 weeks she wants an IPhone, Not the Android we purchased. I told her that she is free to buy her own, but she still has to complete the payment plan for the Android. She complains for a couple of months, makes no payments. I don't cave. Next my neices mom (my sister) comes back into her daughters life. She (nieces mom) brings up the phone. I tell her not to buy a new phone, and that it is very complicated. She has a phone, and she has an agreement which she has not adhered to. Mom takes neice to the phone store. Buys her a brand new IPhone, puts her on her cell phone plan, and says "she (neice) will pay me 40 per month for the phone." Her service is $69 per month. 3 months go by...neice moved out the day she turned 18, no payments to me at all. The phone is broken, so I could not get any $$ for it. I asked both Mom and Neice for $400 early term fee so that I don't have to keep paying for service that they abandoned, and a broken phone for the next 15 months. They refuse to give me $400 and state when Neice can...she will pay me some $$. I just injured my back as a Hospice nurse...and am raising my 2 adopted grandchildren. Money is a little more than tight. I know I am legally bound to the phone company contract. Is there any other recourse? I would have never imagined considering this further and just paid it. But I don't have the $$ and this sister has a long history of leeching off the world. In my mind, when she brought her dtr. To the phone store, she was a minor, and that minors mother enabled her to walk away from her comittment and leave me with the burden.
  15. I injured my back many months ago while moving a patient as a nurse. I informed my employer multiple times that I was injured, but I continued to work despite the pain and difficulties. My employer never asked if I wanted to be seen by a physician, never gave me info on how to file a claim. After 1.5 weeks of trying to work, I called out for 2 days. When I returned they let me go. I have been being treated for this injury all along. PT, ortho, and injections next. I cannot work. Walking, sitting cause so much pain. Need to rest (lie down) multiple times during the day. Pain is constant. Before this injury I had a 6 figure earning potential. I am now on unemployment waiting for my disability claim to go through. I am raising 2 little grandchildren. I never even thought of WC until a friend asked me if I was getting it. What courses of action do I have? What are some possible legal scenarios? Thank you.
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