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  1. My husband of 22 years had a son out of wedlock 40 years ago. He was ordered to pay child support for his son which he did it was usually taken from his paycheck. At times he sent money orders if he was between jobs. When his son turned 18 the mother had him move out (since no more checks) so he moved in with us until he got on his feet and moved on once or twice staying with his mother. In 1996 both mine and my husbands tax returns were taken for an amount still owed to child support I contacted the San Luis Obispo D.A. and we paid the amount they claimed owed. Done deal. Now we just received a notice that the mother filed for child support arrears of $26,000 in Arkansas! The following day we received court papers from san diego ca where we live for this matter and our financial status!! First question is I own our home as sole and separate property and have money I inhibited from my mother in an Annuity In my name only. We live off his social security check have never received government help for anything , can they lien my house or inheritance?? My inheritance is not a marriageable asset or is it?? Help!
  2. My brother was granted a three year restraining order against me for elder abuse of my mother. He had me Removed from the home he lives in with my mother. He has now allowed me to move back in to once again help care for her. The order is in effect until 2018. How can he have it removed? San Diego ca
  3. A restraining order for 3 years was issued due to a daughters actions and abuse of her mother now after 6 months the brother who lives in the house with the mother a dementia victim, is now tired of caring for mom and is cheap and pays helpers to little is having the sister back to care for the mother a few times a week. I am one of the people that reported the abuse and can not stand by and watch this happen again. Is it not against the law for her to be there? They use our justice system to file an order but can decide not to enforce it? We live in calif
  4. A former friend went to the DMV to replace her lost drivers license and had my address put on it!! It came to my house and after calling her she came to my house to pick it up as she promised she was on her way to DMV to have another with her address issued. She did not, and the fact she is running around with a very scummy group scares the hell out of me that my address is on it. When I called her to verify she had gone to DMV she said she could not find the license and then for over 3 weeks did not answer my calls, I finally went to the meth house she is staying at and demanded it and had her sign a change of address, she signed the form but still claimed the license is lost. The thought of her having my address on the card and being able to have legal access to my home if I wasn't here, or the police coming here to find her is a nightmare. I need to know what I can do, all the DMV says is the change of address should be written on the back of card,REALLY! Is that not fraud??? Please Help! One more thing is I came home yesterday and she was sitting in her parked car down the street!
  5. Who is responsible to pay the property tax after you have done a reverse mortgage in calif. They are not receiving payments as there was not much equity and it was paid in a lump sum (5,000) Live in California. Thank You
  6. A friend of mine died two weeks ago and had lost both parents within the last two years. I went to the calif recorders site and see that his parents home was in a protector trust second name his brothers. I also saw his condo bought after there death is also a protector trust and then again the brothers name. He wanted a service as we had spoken often about this he was sick for 2 years and I was the one caring for him while he was in and out of the hospital. I would like to have a service for him and would only be able to do this if the brother paid for it. I am talking a max of $1,000. The brother has not even put a notice in the paper! Is there any way that he should be legally responsible??Morally is just not an issue with this guy. Any help? The brother is receiving the condo and all of his personal possessions I also want to say all the trust papers and documents were signed while he was in the hospital and under heavy medication.
  7. Please I still do not understand the quote that this debt is beyond limitation. Is that the debt is still valid and has not reached SOL or has passed SOL??
  8. Thank you for the reply (I still only see 2 Ts in limitations)I am sorry for the spelling I am upset. I was told when they levied my account for the tune of $4000+that I had been sent notice, I had not. I was never served or notified by the bank until after it was gone that is when at the bank they put me on the phone with the collection agency that did this I was then sent the paper work. The legal server who signed that he had served me and discribed me as a 6ft tall thin hispanic man ( I am a white woman} and I was told the amount taken was what was owed but never documented who was responsible for the account or what it was It is always a good idea to say contact an attorney but most people can not afford to do so and I find it so wrong that you have to pay to defend yourself when a company has not complied with the law. I was sent a judgement saying account paid in full I did register it at the recorders office as I was told and now its back!!!! I still dont understand the answer to my original question was "is the debt inside the SOL or not??
  9. I want to say when I recived this same notice in 2011 I replied immediatly with a letter that is requesting verification of origal company claiming I owe this debt, that the SOL has not been reached and that I want all comunication by mail only and that they have 30 days to reply and if this could not be proven they are to remove this from my credit record etc sent it return recipt request and recieved the signed recipt and never heard from them again until now. And yes I have that recipt and all other documents. Thank You. I am so upset by this.
  10. Thank you for responding. I dont know the agency that claims I have a debt it only states CACH LLC and numbers given do not follow any account I have. The name they use was mine 20years ago my husband died and I have been remarried for 20 years. the category: CL-R374 Rule 3.740 collections. I looked at the companies site which is Convergent Outsourcing and find they collect third party claims and medical bills. I have priviously had a judgement that leined my bank account, dealt with it took a satisfaction of judgement and filed it in the recorders office. They never gave me the answers I had requested and I refuse to go through that again. I think these debts were incurred possibly by late husband over 20 years ago. I still dont understand my original question "is the debt past the statue of limitation?"
  11. I am confused by this wording could some exlain please: The law limits how long you can be sued on a debt, and your debt isbeyond that limitation. I recived a collection notice that states this. I am in California. I have know idea what the collection notice pertains to. Thank You.
  12. What dose that mean I was told it is a line of credit that can not effect my home or assets. I am very confused about this. Also is it opening up my assets to past debts?
  13. I am a benificary also the term Protector is on the property tax bill for the family home now sent to my brothers house. The house is paid free and clear by my parents. The owner of home on the property tax bill is now my brothers followed by protector on ---family trust. My father being in a facilty is this done to protect the home from being used to pay medical bills??
  14. My brother has been named "protector" of family trust. Father is still alive but is in his 90's and not well at all he is in a facility near my brothers home. Prior to this I had been living at my parents home caring for both mother and father, mother passed two years ago. I had continued living in home after father had to move to facility. In June I had to have colon surgery and have not recovered and am in a care facility. My brother is paying my bills and the cost of the family home, fully paid for no mortage. He has been removing things from the house as is his right but I am worried about the future and what a "protector" is in a family trust he is also the trustee. We live in calif. Any information would be appreciated.
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