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  1. The question concerns establishing an internet game site. The site would allow visitors that enroll to compete in the game online for cash prizes. The premium portal of the site would require a monthly membership fee to access and play the game. We would use membership fees and advertising revenue to pay the cash prizes. My question is, would a business model like this be legal in all 50 states or could any federal or state law interpret this as "gambling"? Thanks in advance!
  2. ABC Webdesign alleges damages due to lost sales because when someone clicks on the link believing they will be directed to ABC Webdesign (or a reseller) they go to our site where there is no longer any offering of their service. Our argument is we have no control over the website where the link exists and other than asking the owner to remove it, there is little else we can do. We further argue that since we never asked for the link to be published in the first place we have no responsibility for the misdirection of traffic.
  3. The operator of a website that we have no association with has created a link to our website that advertises that we sell a service with a certain company which I'll fictitiously refer to as ABC Webdesign. Although we used to be a reseller of ABC Webdesign we discontinued doing so over 3 years ago (the link was created when we DID resell the services so it was correct at the time). ABC Webdesign has threatened us with legal action if the link is not removed. Since we have no association with this website and never asked for the link, it is hard to fathom how we could be held responsible for what some else publishes at their website. In a good faith effort to resolve this, we have sent an email to the website owner asking them to remove the link, however the page it's on is dated and the owner of the site lives outside the US. ABC Widgets has not only threatened to sue us if the link isn't removed but has also threatened the company for which we sell products and services for, merely becasue their logo is on our website. So the question is, what legal responsibility, if any is there to attempt to have a 3rd party remove a link to your site, that you never requested in the first place? I'm sure there must be a lot of legal precedence on this.
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