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  1. Unless you can prove the girlfriend and her family are a danger to the kids what dad does on hus time is not your business you start trying to interfere you could end up losing custody
  2. Your dad needs to prove you'd br better off living with him your wishes will be heard but its up to the judge to decide and whatever he says goes
  3. this is a legal matter between your mother and your guardians and not your legal concern. whatever the judge decides is where you live untill you and your sister are 18
  4. if there isnt a court order then you are not the legal guardian and cannot prevent mom(or dad) from contact with THEIR child, to do so can result in you facing criminal charges.
  5. the only thing new hubby can do is make nice with dad-dad has 100 percent control who has contact with his son untill the child is 18. stepdad is a legal stranger to this child.
  6. since paternity hasnt been established legally you dont have a child and am not obligated to give mom any money for child support untill a court orders you to. no her husband has no say whatsoever over this child he is a legal stranger and should stay out of issues concering the child theyre not his legal business
  7. go to court and file for contempt-usually the cp needs permission from the court and the op in order to move the child to another state, and since she didnt do this, the court may switch custody from her to you.
  8. you dont get to dictate what she spends the checks on-frankly its none of your business as long as the child is clothed and fed. unless a court orders her to, shes not obligated to give you a dime when your daughter is with you thats your responsibilty
  9. where is her father? youd need him involved to.
  10. your husband is lucky mom hasn't taking him to court for contempt. if he continues to allow his son to refuse the child could end up living with mom and visting dad when the court awards her custody. until he is 18 he goes he doesn't have a choice. a court order is just that an order not a suggestion and if mom shows up the kid goes with her.
  11. your son can state his preferences but its up to the judge to decide whom he lives with untill he's 18 and whatever the judge says goes. do you have a court order for visitation? if so make it clear to your son he has no choice he either goes or dad is the one who gets in trouble, and done enough time he will be living with you and visting dad. time to start putting your foot down and make your son understand he doesnt call the shots around here, he is legally a child for the next 4 years
  12. im sorry but you have no legal rights or standing to do anything where this child is concerned. this is strictly your grandson's issue to deal with. i doubt any judge will allow mom to move the child so far away from the op( other parent). i wish more parents would put their kids first and put their angry feelings at the op aside and do whats best for the child and thats make sure the child has a relationship with both parents. its really not fair
  13. untill you are 18 whatever your parents say goes-you live where they tell you to live you abide by their rules, you dont have a say in the matter.you can live anywhere you want with your parents permission, but if they tell you to come home, youre going home, their word is law. and if they say no youre staying put.get it now?
  14. you have no rights, these are not your children. dad is first in line for custody youll need to make nice with him if you want to see his daughters
  15. violating the court order can cause you to be held in contempt done enough times youll be the parent your daughter visits instead of lives with get the idea? you dont get to decide that hes not going to see her a judge already made that decision and you must abide by it
  16. unless your fiance/husband adopts, he has no rights to her at all. he is a legal stranger to her not dad.if something were to happen to you hes out of luck. dad has a right to custody of his child your fiance does not.
  17. untill the court terminates her rights she has as many rights as you. she is still mom
  18. your ex should tell her mother to butt out and mind her own business before mom cuts her off from contact with your son. shes not a party to anything here and has no say in the matter
  19. but he was certainly fit enough to have sex with wasnt he?
  20. your niece can chose who to live with when shes 18-untill then she lives where her parents and the courts tell her to live its not her choice to make
  21. this is your husband's issue to deal with-you are a legal stranger to this child and have no rights or standing to do anything
  22. in other words mom put this other guy on the bc knowing he wasnt the father? thats fraud. not to mention when the child finds out shes been lied to its going to cause major trust issues
  23. this child has two parents already. sounds like mom is trying to replace dad with you and the court wont go for it.unless you and mom marry and dad agrees to let you adopt you will never get any kind of rights to this child.and mom cant give you rights. it doesnt work that way
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