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  1. Dad died '08. I am the sole heir with four small gifts listed in the will. He had no real estate, no car ; a few utility bills to be paid. Basic assets were a few bank accounts which were passed directly to me, with the balance in stocks, which have not been changed into my name yet. I have had a very difficult time getting the lawyer or executor to respond to my requests in a timely fashion. I have just been able to receive and verify information I requested back in September regarding expenses paid by the executor. I I am now told since the stocks have gone up in value since Dad's date of death and because I have delayed signing off on paperwork until I received the requested info, that they are increasing the lawyer and executor fees. Does anyone know what, if any, the % cap of estate value for Illinois that the lawyer is allowed to charge? This has been very distressing, and I feel like I've had to put mourning my father aside to push thru this. Thanks for any info. .
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