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  1. I live in Tennesse and work at a poultry processing plant. on jan 19 th i had aprox 1 inch of my finger amputated on my right hand. i was off work for 2 weeks and returned to work on light duty. the mechanical equipment wich amputated my finger was put in aprox 1.5 months before my accident . the device was never put toether completly it is missing the parts wich make it adjustable to raise the machine up and down from the side it has never been put on and when i returned to work it still has not been completly put together for safely adjust it as needed during production. Is the company i work for liable for damages and not putting machinery together properly for safe operation for it employes. I have received a letter from workmans comp stating they will make a settlement after their company doctor establishes his imparment rating. should i seek a lawyer or is the company covered by worker comp and what ever they decide to compensate me for my finger being amputated.
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