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  1. I've been a loyal customer of C**** B**** for a long time. At the beginning of January, I did two deposits to the bank. One was done through the drive thru window and the other was done through the ATM machine. I put $340.00 cash on the envelope provided by the machine and inserted it in the deposit slot. The ATM machine took my envelope, but neither it gave me a receipt or showed the screen asking for another transaction. I made the mistake of not going inside the bank and ask why I hadn't received a receipt from the ATM machine. I checked my account balance next day and the day after, and I realized that my deposit hadn't been credited to my account. On top of that the ATM machine had reversed my transaction. I went to the bank to know what was going on, and they filled out a form and sent it to the company in charge of the ATM machine. They told me that I was going to receive a letter from the company in seven days, but it didn't happen so I came back to the bank to complain about that situation. I received a letter in 10 days saying that they had sent a ATM technician, but the person didn't find any envelope inside the ATM machine supposedly. For that reason, they could not reimburse me my money. I've been in contact with a person from the Quality department who sent another technician to take apart the ATM machine for second time, but the person didn't find the envelope either. The problem is that I deposited my money and put it in an envelope, but they keep saying that they don't find the envelope. I don't have any proof that they sent any technician to check the machine. What I think is that they are trying to keep my money and are making excuses to do it. I would like to know what I can do in this case. [This post has been edited to remove personal or identifying information. -Moderator]
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