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  1. Someone I know was recently in an accident with a company vehicle. The vehicle is a large, long C*** cargo van/bus used to drive clients to different places. The vehicle is tall, sits high in the air, and is long with four rows of seats behind the drivers seat. The person checked all the mirrors and nothing was seen so continued to back up only to hit a small 2 door car that was completely out of site directly behind the van. Nothing major happened, both vehicles were able to drive away, and nobody was injured. The van was not equiped with a back-up mirror mounted on the rear corner of the roof of the van which would let the driver see what or maybe who could be directly behind the vehicle. Should it be manditory that company vehicles ,that are used to escort people to and from, be equiped with these round mirrors, mouted up on the roof, allowing the driver to see directly behind the vehicle. In such a case I would think that, yes, these mirrors should be installed on all vehicles being used as buses. Am i wrong? I know most, if not all, postal vehicle have these mirrors as well as U*** vehicle and school buses too. Please help me with this question. Thanks. [This post has been edited to remove personal or identifying information. -Moderator]
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