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  1. I have brought it to my attorneys attention I just wanted to do some further inquiring. I don't want to be left in the dark about anything.
  2. the client "D" of the attorney, I will call "H", agreed to withdraw but "H" is still going through with it and told my attorney that if I didn't pay the money he "H" wants, he will continue to postpone the suit for 5 more years. The original plantiff of the case deceased 4 months ago.
  3. I have a situation where I am in a lawsuit and the other party decided to ask their attorney to withdraw from the suit, however, he has yet to do so and has told my attorney that he wants $5000 to drop the suit or he will try to carry it out for 5 more years. Is this legal? It sounds like blackmail to me. Also, can an attorney get personally involved in a case like that since he's refusing to withdraw?
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    My grandmother (with help from my aunts) filed suit against me over 2 1/2 years ago for the house my grandmother lives in. It was willed to me by my father. Since then, a cousin of mine has moved in. My grandmother spent almost 2 months in the hospital before she passed and about 90% of the time she was not fully aware of what was going on and was not in her right frame of mind. I received a letter from her attorney stating that she filed for a restraining order on me to not to come to the house. Does her passing mean the restraining order is now void? I know that she could not have contacted her attorney on her own. The attorney representing my grandmother is and has been a long time friend of the main person responsible for this suit, that person being one of my aunts. She is and has been telling the attorney what to do, not my grandmother. Also, my cousin is still in the house. I have sent him notice (2 weeks) to vacate the house and he's refusing to leave. Should my next step be to go to the county constable and file eviction papers on him or give someone notice to remove the items from inside before evicting him?
  5. My grandmother sold the house to my father because she didn't have the money to pay the homeowners insurance or anything else involving the house. It has been in litigation for over 2 years and I feel like my attorney is just trying to get more money from me by prolonging the case. From what I hear he's one of the best attorneys around here but still doesn't make sense that the case has been going on for this long.
  6. Since my dad passed in Aug '07, my family (on his side) is seeking action on one of the houses he owned in which my grandmother lives. The family is taking me to court, trying to get the house. Their claims 1) He (dad) did not finish paying off the house 2) he said that he promised to take care of her (grandmother) for the rest of her life, but since he isn't alive to keep that so-called promise that the house should be turned over to her. My situation: I have all of the paperwork regarding legal rights to the house i.e. Deed/Title, which are now in my name, checking account statements with copies of the checks he made out to her, the bill of sale signed and dated by her and his Will stating everything goes to me. Also, I know that dad did not say that. He told me something totally different barely 2 weeks before he passed. I do not see where they have a case but if anyone knows differently or could give me any kind of suggestions for me to help my attorney push this along, it would be nice. I am becoming very impatient.
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