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  1. Hi! Ok, so I applied for the green card and yesterday received the receipt notices in the mail that the USCIS has received the documents. I am very happy. So I have a question please: do you have any suggestion so to what I can do to withdraw from school at the moment? Is there a procedure to it, or do I simply go to my ISO [international student advisor], show them the receipt notice? Or do I have to wait for the "approval" notice? [is "approval" notice different than the receipt notice?] Thank you!
  2. Hello. I am a current international student who is about to start my 2nd semester of studies in California. I just got married to the love of my life, who is a US Citizen, in December, 2009. Me and my wife want to start the immigration paperwork [for Green Card & then Citizenship], change of status and work authorization right away, including anything else related. Could anyone point us to the right direction please? 1 : Which papers/applications do we individually or collectively file? 2 : Would my student visa continue to be valid after I send in my papers in question 1 above? 3 : Would I still need to go to the school to maintain my student visa/status after I/we apply the forms/applications from question # 1 above? Or can I stop going to school? 4 : Any tips on what to include with our applications or how to prepare for the process? Thank you! John
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