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  1. In June 2009 I filed form I90 to renew my permanent resident card. I was living in San Diego then. In July I had the appointment to take y fingerprints and photo, then on August 21 my application was approved according to a letter from USCIS. In September I moved to Virginia and notified of my change of address to the Dept. of Homeland Security. In December, after months of waiting for the arrival of my card, I contacted USCIS. They have sent me a letter stating that since the renewed card apparently was lost in the mail, I have to start the application again from the very beginning, i.e., file form I90 and send the corresponding fees as though I never did it before. They are assuming that I have lost the card. Why am I responsible to pay for something that has failed even though I have done exactly as I was supposed to do? Why can't USCIS print out another card and send it to me? How come USCIS has no way of tracking things that are sent by mail? There is something really bizarre and unfair about this....
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