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  1. zemilia


    When i was caught at the border i never made it across, so how does illegal Reentry apply to me if i never actually made it on to US soil. i don't know exactly what i signed at that moment because i was so scared, how could i find out what it was i signed and how it will effect me later on, thank you.
  2. zemilia


    i being living on us 8 years ago now i got married 3 years now got 2 kids and my hubby is gone to become a citizen this year.when i came over her i did it illegally they caught me on the border of ciudad juarez whit somebody else green card and they got my digital prints and make me sign a paper saying a could not try again to pass the border. i dint listen and still did anyway i was 18 so i didnt care i was'nt planing to have children or a husband over her. so can you plies tell me what can i do in my case? is is true the i have to live the country and they going to punish me for 9 years?
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