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  1. I am thinking about a career change to be a pharmacy technician but many years ago I had some problems with drugs and alcohol (dui and violated probation) though 17 years have passed since I completed all of the terms of my probation and sentences without any other occurrence or relapse. Will there always be a record somewhere of this. I live in Northern California. Thanks for any info.
  2. Northern California: Can filing for bankruptcy stop or stall foreclosure ? the property has an additional house which is rented by a HUD recipient with recently declining health in addition the owners health has taken a turn for the worst, is self employed and his business is having financial problems. How much time is there? Thanks for any info.
  3. I live in northern california. I used to own property along with brother and his wife as tenants in common. Then later I quit claimed deed (my 1/2 interest) tp my brother during a re finance. His wife quitclaimed also. Then some years later my brother quit claimed deed to her and made her sole owner. Then a couple of years later they needed money and she quit claimed 1/2 of her interest to me. My question., how is title held now.? Only she and I are on title. Thank you, I hope this is enough info to be answered. draggeddown
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