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  1. safwanm

    N400 form

    Thank you again for your helpful answer, in fact I was about to send the application today but for some reason I did not yet. As I said in my explanation, I did consult with my accountant and he looks to my income and said there is no need to submit a tax returns for that year, In the years later I paid my taxes since I was working, in 2009 I had big tax returns from the IRS, this is when they check my files and asked me for the 2003 returns. I wrote to them with explaining that I was out of work, and I received a letter from them to say that they agree with me and I don't have to file for tax return. Do I need to consult an immigration lawyer to help me out and properly write the explanation for me? If so, are available for paid advice? you can send me PM to ####.com Thanks again for the help
  2. safwanm

    N400 form

    This is what I included as explanation, do you think this is enough: ...[Message truncated]
  3. safwanm

    N400 form

    Thank for the advice, this is what I did over the weekend, I assume that citizen is not conditioned by work situation!! am I correct in my assumption? Thanks again
  4. safwanm

    N400 form

    I am applying for naturalization, I need help on how to answer the one of the general questions: - Since becoming a lawful permanent resident, have ever failed to file a required Federal, State, or local tax return? Yes No I became s permanent resident in July 2003, I was out of work during that year and I did not earn enough money to file for tax return, I wrote to IRS and they approve my request. I don't owe IRS any taxes. All the other years my taxes paid in time. What should be my answer to this general question? Thanks in advance
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