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  1. What would be the reason(s) for a birth certificate not to contain the mother's name? Refer to scenario under the"False Statements" posting. Partner B claimed to have a female child that died at age 17 from "brittle diabetes." Research provided that said child never died. The child's birth certificate contained the father's name, but the mother's name was either left blank or redacted. [Please post follow-up messages to a thread by clicking on the Answer button. This post was relocated to the original thread to improve its readability. - Moderator]
  2. Thanks for both responses. For those interested, scenario is: two women meet at gay church and begin a relationship. After a year and a half, they decide to become life partners and wills, durable powers of attorney, etc., are drafted since Texas does not recognize same-sex domestic partnerships. Three years into the relationship, partner A discovers that partner B has lied entirely about her identity. Partner B is legally married (to a man). Discovery is made after partner B has emptied the bank and savings accounts and long term investments, some of it by forging partner A's name and filing false returns to the IRS (in partner A's name) to avoid detection by partner A. Law enforcement is not interested in the matter and considers it a "lesbian cat fight." Partner A is trying to stop partner B so that this does not happen to anyone else.
  3. If a beneficiary makes and allows a materially false statement to be incorporated in a Texas last will and testament, what are the repercussions, if any?
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