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  1. Let me correct this.. I took right on 45 MPH Road (There is a traffic light) and entered into a Country Road (Two Lane Road), one car is waiting (in the middle lane, and this middle has 50 Feet long to take left on to 45 MPH Road) at the same signal on the same country road to take left ( From Country Road to 45 MPH Road). I drove 300 Feet on the Country Road and there is no traffic on the opposite lane and took left to enter into the Apartment community ( There was speed bump on the Apartment entrance so I was completely stopped my car), when my front wheels are about to enter into the community suddenly the same car which was waiting at the signal was backing and hit my rare wheel and my car turned 90 Degrees left and my car was on the Country road. The cop gave me a ticket saying that was a 'Fail to Yield', I am sure that this is not true that I need to take care who is backing in the other lane from my back. I want to know whether can I appeal this in the court and wave this ticket?. Thanks Sreenivas
  2. I was in one accident last week and got a ticket saying 'Fail to yield'. Here is what happened. I took right on 45 MPH Road at a signal (There is a green light) into a country road with two lanes one in each direction and drive for 300 Feet and took Left to enter into Apartment community. There was one car waiting at the traffic signal to take left on the Country road. After I took right to enter into the apartment when I am about to enter into the community the other car was Backing from the Traffic signal (Backing means came in in the Reverse) and hit my car (Rare tire on the Driver side) and my car turned 90 Degrees on the Country road and got damaged both front and rare doors on the driver side. There a bumper on the community entrance and I was almost at 0 MPH speed when this was happened. I am thing to appeal this in the court, please give me your suggestions. Thanks Sreenivas
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