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  1. Hey Badge, if you would like to answer my questions without the attitude you can continue to do so otherwise let someone else try. Let me explain something to you, this is the first accident that I have been involved in and I am 35 years old. I have questions about the legal system, I have gotten advice from others and have chosen to seek out if their suggestion and advice is factual. I am not suggesting the officer wrote me a ticket for the fun of it, in fact the officer on the scene did not write me a ticket, I received it two days later in the mail. The officer on the scene did not think that I would receive one, hence my questions. I have great respect for our police officers and would not suggest that this sheriff had nothing to do the cold November morning that this happened. I would also like to know your credentials so that I may weigh the information that you have given to me.
  2. In reply to Badge according to my way of thinking I would not go into a parking lot thinking that I could do all the damage I wanted and then claim no responsibility because I was on private property. And obviously I have taken responsibility for the accident and I have made the other driver whole. However, in other states, in a non-injury accident on private property (with or without public access) it is deemed a civil matter only and no citations would have been issued. If you have more information in regards to the laws of Wisconsin I would like some input.
  3. My question is this: Can the State of Wisconsin issue a traffic citation for a non-injury accident which occurred on private property? Details: I was involved in a non-injury accident in the parking lot of a gas station. There was damage to the other vehicle which my insurance company is taking care of because the accident was definently my fault. I received by mail a citation from the county for Inattentive Driving ($187 fine and 4 points). I was not on a cell phone, I was not changing the channel of the radio, I was not impaired whatsoever other than there is a large electrical junction box in my line of vision before I turned that I believe the car I hit was behind when I checked to turn the first time and when i turned I did not see the other car until it was too late. Can I fight this in court and how do I fight it if I can?
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