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  1. What Oklahoma code sections was the driver cited for? How does the law define the violation? Did the driver actually violate what the law states? Consider these suggestions and resources: Take a look at Oklahoma traffic laws that pertain to this ticket. You should be receiving notification of appeal procedures soon. Has the district attorney's office actually filed charges in this case? If so, a complaint should be available in the clerk's office of the courthouse. Become familiar with procedures for fighting a traffic ticket. Arrange a free consultation with a traffic ticket attorney from Oklahoma. Good luck.
  2. What is the August 2001 due date regarding? A court appearance or a payment deadline? Here are a few suggestions and resources: Are you considering challenging the ticket? What code section is cited on the ticket? Make sure you read the relevant law carefully and determine if it applies to your circumstances. Have you received any information in the mail regarding the appeal process? Try contacting the courthouse directly and learn information regarding appeals. You can try arranging a free consultation with a traffic ticket attorney. Keep in mind laws vary upon jurisdiction, so please provide the name of your state in future posts. Good luck.
  3. Are you asking if the ticket was justified? What code section of law was cited on the ticket? Peruse the relevant code section carefully and determine if the law cited applies to your situation. What jurisdiction are you located in? Continue your research with these sources: What information is included on a traffic ticket? Traffic ticket center Good luck.
  4. Since laws vary upon jurisdiction, please provide the name of your state.
  5. Consider checking in ยง 28-101 which discusses the definitions for certain terms. You'll probably need to determine the definition of a motor vehicle and see if this scooter is included in that definition. Continue your research with these links: Section 28-101 -- Definitions from Motor Vehicle Statutes Arizona Traffic Laws Good luck.
  6. Are you asking the state's legal obligations are to your mother? Are you concerned with your legal rights as her children?
  7. Are you interested in setting you a spendthrift trust? An arrangement whereby one person sets aside property for the benefit of another in which, either because of a direction of the settlor (one who creates a trust) or because of statute, the beneficiary (one who profits from the act of another) is unable to transfer his or her right to future payments of income or capital, and his or her creditors are unable to subject the beneficiary's interest to the payment of his or her debts. The trustee would be in charge of administering the payments to the beneficiary and generally has a fiduciary duty to the trust and the trustor's intention for the trust. Continue your research with these links: Spendthrift Trust (Lawbrain wiki) State Estate Planning Laws (FindLaw) Schedule a complimentary session with an estate planning attorney. Good luck.
  8. Intestate succession refers to living beneficiaries who inherit property in absence of a will. In these cases, the probate court will follow the local jurisdiction's probate laws regarding descent and distribution. Section 6401 provides that "f there is no surviving issue, parent or issue of a parent,grandparent or issue of a grandparent, or issue of a predeceased spouse, but the decedent is survived by next of kin, to the next of kin in equal degree, but where there are two or more collateral kindred in equal degree who claim through different ancestors, thosewho claim through the nearest ancestor are preferred to those claiming through an ancestor more remote. You can continue your research here: California Probate Code Schedule a free consultation with an estate planning attorney from California Estate Planning Center Good luck.
  9. Why is a temporary administrator being appointed? Did the testator not appoint an executor in the will? Generally, an executor is entrusted with responsibility for winding up someone's earthly affairs -- a big or little task, depending on the situation. Essentially, an executor is charged with protecting a deceased person's property until all debts and taxes have been paid, and seeing that what's left is transferred to the people who are entitled to it. A temporary administrator should be charged with the same fiduciary duties. Regulations regarding these individuals will depend upon the jurisdiction. Where are you located? Continue your research with these links: What Does an Executor Do? State Estate Planning Laws Arrange a free consultation with an estate planning attorney Good luck.
  10. Are you asking who is the fee simple owner of the property or the association? Generally, each individual condominium unit is owned by the individual owner who then pays a monthly fee belonging to the association. The association owns these fees as a fiduciary for each member of the condominium complex. Condominiums, also known as "condos," offer many of the same amenities as home ownership, except that the development is managed by an "association" that acts much like a cooperative's board of directors (see below). Individual owners of condominium units share in ownership of common areas, such as corridors and recreation rooms indoors and courtyards outdoors. You can continue your research with these links: Condominiums and Co-ops Chapter 718 -- entitled Condominiums - Florida statutes Schedule a complimentary session with a Florida real estate attorney Good luck.
  11. Please elaborate on how your question is related to seizures. Is the attorney-in-question appearing before the same judge in the civil matter? If so, what are your legal concerns regarding this conduct?
  12. Has your neighbor's use of the land constituted adverse possession? In order that adverse possession ripen into legal title, nonpermissive use by the adverse claimant that is actual, open and notorious, exclusive, hostile, and continuous for the statutory period must be established. All of these elements must coexist if title is to be acquired by adverse possession. Continue your research with these links: Adverse Possession (Lawbrain wiki) State real estate laws (FindLaw) Arrange a free consultation with a real estate attorney (FindLaw Lawyer Directory) Keep in mind laws vary upon jurisdiction, so please provide the name of your state in future posts. Good luck.
  13. Are you considering selling your home in California? Are you certain your home in California will enter into foreclosure? Generally, a non-recourse loan does not allow the lender to pursue anything other than collateral. For example, if you default on your non-recourse home loan, the bank can only foreclose on the home. They generally cannot take further legal actions against you. The bank is out of luck even if the sale proceeds do not repay the loan. Continue your research with these links: Anti-Deficiency Laws Federal Laws Affecting Foreclosure Schedule a free consultation with a real estate attorney from California Good luck.
  14. Generally, a reservation of rights is an insurer's notification to an insured that coverage for a claim may not apply. Such notification allows an insurer to investigate (or even defend) a claim to determine if coverage applies (in whole or in part) without waiving its right to later deny coverage based on information revealed by the investigation. Although a reservation of rights protects an insurer's interests, it also alerts an insured to the fact that some elements of a claim may not be covered, thereby allowing the insured to take necessary steps to protect its potentially uninsured interests. What jurisdiction are you located in? State law will likely be binding on this matter. Also, as the new federal health care law takes effects, new federal regulations may also control. Continue your research with these links: Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act (Lawbrain wiki) Health Care Law (FindLaw) Arrange a free consultation with a health care lawyer (FindLaw Lawyer Directory) Good luck.
  15. Are you considering bringing a lawsuit against the foster caregiver or the department of children's services?
  16. Are you consider suing your manager or your employer? Typically, the elements of a cause of action for defamation include: A false and defamatory statement concerning another; The unprivileged publication of the statement to a third party (that is, somebody other than the person defamed by the statement); If the defamatory matter is of public concern, fault amounting at least to negligence on the part of the publisher; and Damage to the plaintiff. Consider scheduling a free consultation with a personal injury attorney. Keep in mind laws vary upon jurisdiction, so please provide the name of your state in future posts. Good luck.
  17. Generally, if you are born in the United States, then your birth certificate is proof of your citizenship. Are you asking if your girlfriend can return to the United States after visiting Germany?
  18. You may be able to get a green card as an immediate relative or as a family member in a preference category if your U.S. citizen relative files a Form I-130, Petition for Alien Relative, for you. Some relatives of U.S. citizens, known as immediate relatives, do not have to wait for a visa to become available. There is no limit to the number of visas that can be utilized in this category in a particular year. Immediate relatives include: Parents of a U.S. citizen Spouses of a U.S. citizen Unmarried children under the age of 21 of a U.S. citizen The qualified relatives of a U.S. citizen or permanent resident in the remaining family-based categories may have to wait for a visa to become available before they can apply for permanent residency. These categories include: First Preference: Unmarried, adult (21 years of age or older) sons and daughters of U.S. citizens; and Second Preference A: Spouses of permanent residents and the unmarried children (under the age of 21)) of permanent resident. Consider scheduling a free consultation with an immigration attorney. Good luck.
  19. What was your status when you married your husband? Is your husband's concerned that your status can affect his application for citizenship?
  20. FindLaw_Sarah


    Is this an application for citizenship? A visa? What is the purpose of the application and what government agency did you file it with?
  21. Have any law enforcement agencies contacted after this incident? Are you concerned with being deported? Please add any facts you think are necessary. Good luck.
  22. Are you asking if your former fiance can prevent you from caring for your son? Are you concerned with matters revolving around parental custody?
  23. Are you asking which government authority has jurisdiction over the case? Jurisdiction generally describes any authority over a certain area or certain persons. In the law, jurisdiction sometimes refers to a particular geographic area containing a defined legal authority. For example, the federal government is a jurisdiction unto itself. Its power spans the entire United States. Each state is also a jurisdiction unto itself, with the power to pass its own laws. Good luck.
  24. Do the campers have a contract with the campground concession? Have they breached any of the contractual terms? Is local law enforcement available for you to file a police report?
  25. Were you sitting in prison when you were required to report to probation? Was a probation violation recorded against you for the week of May 25, 2009? Are you asking how this probation violation can be removed from your record? Please provide the name of your jurisdiction in future posts. Good luck.
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