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  1. What are his terms of probation? Do these terms actually preclude him from marrying?
  2. Are you considering challenging the ticket? What code section is provided on the ticket? Make sure you know what information to look for on this ticket. Read the relevant law carefully and determine its requirements. Did the law enforcement officer follow appropriate police procedures when issuing this citation? Your local law enforcement agency may have a police manual for public use. Arrange a free consultation with a traffic ticket attorney from Florida. Good luck.
  3. Are you asking for Hawaii's law regarding driving without a license?
  4. Can you describe the space your referring to in more detail? Are you generally asking if motorcycles can park in parking spaces? Chapter 4511 (Operation of Motor Vehicles) of the Oregon Revised Statues probably has the information you are seeking. Good luck.
  5. Are you asking if you can sue your landlord? Generally, the landlord has a duty to provide a habitable and safe environment for her tenants. Each jurisdiction sets the legal standard for safety and habitability differently. Habitability usually means the premises must be fit for human habitation and safe for its residents. If your landlord has breached this duty according to the laws of your state, then you may have a basis for a lawsuit. Other legal theories may also apply. Keep in mind laws vary upon jurisdiction, so please provide the name of your state in future posts. Good luck.
  6. Do you think your neighbor's inaction constitutes a private or public nuisance? Lawsuits regarding nuisance generally are brought for the property owner's interest or the general public's interest. There are two basic types of nuisance suits. These are private and public nuisance actions. A private nuisance means there has been a loss of the use or enjoyment of property without an actual physical invasion of that property. A public nuisance is one that has more affects the health, safety, welfare, or comfort of the public in general. Here are some links to resources for you: Chapter 600 of the Michigan Statutes Neighbors and Disputes Good luck.
  7. FindLaw_Sarah


    Chapter 448 (Condominium Property) of the Missouri statutes regulates condominiums. § 448-170 governs amendments to bylaws. Trying searching through the different sections in Chapter 448 for information. You can continue your research here: Missouri Statutes Condominiums and Co-ops Arrange a free consultation with a real estate attorney from O'Fallon Good luck.
  8. Are you asking if you have title to the fence or to the property the fence stands on? Are you wondering if you have a right to keep the fence there? What state are you located in?
  9. A property owner generally always has the right to cut down offending branches that hang over his property. This is referred to as a right of self-help which is provided in many jurisdictions. In these circumstances, usually a neighbor may trim only up to the boundary line. Continue your research with these resources: Neighbor Disputes: Trees Minnesota Real Estate Property Laws Good luck.
  10. Was the city negligent in maintaining the municipal power pole? What other legal theories do you think the city can apply? Negligence by an entity generally occurs when its conduct falls below a reasonableness standard. These standards of behavior established by law for the protection of others against unreasonable risk of harm. California Civil Code § 1714 provides that "[e]veryone is responsible, not only for the result of his or her willful acts, but also for an injury occasioned to another by his or her want of ordinary care or skill in the management of his or her property or person, except so far as the latter has, willfully or by want of ordinary care, brought the injury upon himself or herself." You can continue your research with these links: California Negligence Laws Negligence Consider arranging a free consultation with a personal injury attorney from Burbank. Good luck.
  11. Do you have a copy of the easement terms? Frequently, when the easement is created the contracting parties will discuss terms of maintenance and other issues. Continue your research with these links: Chapter 187 (Easements) of the Massachusetts General Laws Easements - Real Estate Center Good luck.
  12. A privacy wall is a barrier which is designed to create a shield for a residence or business. People who live in residential neighborhoods may install privacy walls so that they feel more comfortable and regulations regarding this walls are dependent on state or local laws. Where are you located?
  13. Is your property the servient estate or the dominant estate? Is your property being benefited or burdened by the easement? Are you asking which party has the responsibility of maintaining the burdened estate? Keep in mind laws vary upon jurisdiction, so please provide the name of your state in future posts. Good luck.
  14. The guidelines for defining one-way streets and other terms vary depending on jurisdiction. Please provide the name of your jurisdiction.
  15. What code section is indicated on your ticket? What jurisdiction are you located in? Did the relevant traffic code section mandate driver responsibility fees? Are your driving infractions appearing in the background check for job applications?
  16. The answer depends on the sentencing guidelines of your state. What state are you located in?
  17. Are you asking about a document with a federal seal on it or a document sealed by the courts? A document with a seal on it means that it has undergone the necessary procedures and has been possibly witnessed, officiated, etc. by the appropriate authority. A document can also be sealed by the courts pursuant to a motion filed by a movant. This motion is generally referred to as a "Motion for Leave to File Under Seal."
  18. The New Jersey Code of Criminal Justice (Title 2C) from the New Jersey statutes may be a good place to start your search.
  19. Are you in South Carolina? If so, what code section from the South Carolina statutes is cited on your ticket? Reading that law should give you an indication the possible consequences. Good luck.
  20. Generally, an inspection can help a seller examine the home from the buyer's perspective. Buyers will probably want to pay for their own inspections. If you do share your presale inspection report with a buyer, consider providing the report to the buyer as a source of information. You can try searching the New York statutes real property law section for information. Good luck.
  21. Your landlord has a duty to provide habitable and safe living conditions. The warranty of habitability is frequently identified in your lease and state laws generally define it as the minimum standard for decent, safe, sanitary housing suitable for human habitation. Each jurisdiction will provide legal guidelines that a landlord must comply with. Where are you located? Try these links for some information: Repairs and Maintenance Warranty of Habitability Good luck.
  22. State law would likely determine whether a 3-day quit notice includes or excludes calendar days. Generally, mobile home park management companies are hired by the property owner to collect rent payments and manage the property overall. In many jurisdictions, these companies are required to have licenses to operate their business. What state are you located in? Keep in mind laws vary upon jurisdiction, so please provide the name of your state in future posts. Good luck.
  23. On whose property can these hedges and maple trees be found? Where are you located in?
  24. An easement is permission given by one property owner to use their property for another's personal benefit or benefit to their property. Land burdened by an easement is called a servient tenement, while the land or person benefited by the easement is known as the dominant tenement. Is this easement for personal benefit or to benefit another's property? Which party is removing the trees? Are these trees located on the servient estate or the dominant estate? Keep in mind laws vary upon jurisdiction, so please provide the name of your state in future posts. Good luck.
  25. Is the turn signal broken? If so, your jurisdiction's traffic laws may outline what steps to take. Where are you located?
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