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  1. Your vehicle is generally subject to the laws of the jurisdiction where you are using your vehicle. These links should take you to sources helpful to your research: California's Vehicle Code will have information regarding the regulation of light fixtures on automobiles. The Traffic Ticket Center should be a good resource. You can contact a traffic ticket attorney for a free consultation. Good luck.
  2. Here are a few suggestions and resources for you: Take a look at the citation and determine what law applies in your case. A code section should be identified on this ticket. Make you sure look for all the information typically found on a ticket. Have you been informed of any appeal procedures? Generally, you will receive this information in the mail or you can contact the courthouse directly. Consider different strategies for fighting a traffic ticket. Arrange a free consultation with a traffic ticket attorney. Good luck.
  3. Traffic citations frequently triggers issue surrounding criminal law. Police officers generally need to meet a legal standard (probable cause or reasonable suspicion) in order to detain a suspect. The facts supporting this legal standard must be truthful and accurately depict the series of events leading up to the detention. Are you considering challenging this citation? Do you have a traffic ticket attorney? Continue your research with these links: Your Rights in the Criminal Justice System Criminal Law - The Basics Traffic Tickets Overview Good luck.
  4. Title XVI (Motor Vehicles) of the Kentucky Revised Statues may have the information you are looking for. Feel free to add any details you think might be helpful. Good luck.
  5. Have you taken a look at the court file regarding this estate? The file generally indicates if an executor has been appointed. Each jurisdiction has different rules but usually probate involves this process: After your death, the person you named in your will as executor -- or, if you die without a will, the person appointed by a judge -- files papers in the local probate court. State filing guidelines for executorship vary depend on the location. What state are you located in? Here are some links to assist you in your search: What Does an Executor Do? Estate Administration Consider arranging a free consultation with an estate planning attorney. Good luck.
  6. Are you asking for local laws or national laws regulating the hiring of illegal immigrants? Generally, immigration law is subject to federal jurisdiction although state may have laws regarding this area. Under the Immigration and Nationality Act, Section 274A(a)(1)(A) it is "unlawful to hire an alien, to recruit an alien, or to refer an alien for a fee, knowing the alien is unauthorized to work in the United States." Continue your research with these links: Basic Immigration Laws Title 8 (Aliens and Nationality) of the United States Code Good luck.
  7. Who is your husband's attorney-of-record? In other words, is there more than one attorney representing your husband? Did the personnel at ICE explain why having only one attorney would be more effective? Generally, government agencies prefer to work with only one attorney for purposes of administrative efficiency.
  8. Are you referring to your boyfriend? Do you want to bring him to the United States to marry him? Are you considering having him apply for a visa to the United States? Visas are government authorized endorsement that permits a non-native to enter a foreign country. They can be issued for a variety of reasons including family and employment purposes. Continue your research with these links: Visa Types Visa Basics Consider scheduling a free consultation with an immigration attorney. Good luck.
  9. Visas are official government endorsements permitting a foreign national to remain in another country besides their home country. In the U.S., foreign nationals may receive either an immigrant or non-immigrant visa for entry for a variety of reasons permission under American immigration law. Visas can be issued for work purposes, for accompanying relatives, for education purposes and possibly other reasons. Consider scheduling a free session with an immigration attorney for information. Good luck.
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    Check Title 46 (Motor Vehicles) of the Revised Code of Washington. The regulations under this Title may address the issue of reciprocity amongst jurisdictions in regards to traffic tickets. Good luck.
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    Are you asking if the Arizona DMV will remove this from your record? Has this violation become part of the Wyoming DMV record? Generally, violations are entered into the computer system of one department and federal law may require this information be reported to your home state. Continue your research with these links: Arizona Traffic Laws Arizona DUI Law Good luck.
  12. Did you have a sentencing hearing? Generally, the judge decides your terms of probation. What jurisdiction are you located in? Are you in Pennsylvania? The sentencing guidelines for each state differ and will be good source of information. FindLaw's page regarding Pennsylvania guidelines indicates presumptive guidelines are in place for felonies and misdemeanors, with minimum appellate review. The state has also retained parole review. The answer will largely depend on your particular circumstances. Good luck.
  13. The answer depends on your jurisdiction. What state are you located in?
  14. Section 16-6-1 defines rape in the George Criminal Code. A person commits the offense of rape when he has carnal knowledge of: (1) A female forcibly and against her will; or (2) A female who is less than ten years of age. You can continue your research with these links: Georgia Code Criminal Law Center Good luck.
  15. Title 18 (Criminal Code) of the Colorado Revised Statutes has a section that regulates firearms. You can also use these links: Colorado Gun Control Laws Gun Laws Good luck.
  16. Are you referring to the new law permitting Arizona residents at least 21 years old to carry a concealed weapon without a permit? Are you referring to Senate Bill 1108 regarding concealed weapons permit? Here the text of Senate Bill 1108. Good luck.
  17. Do you have a copy of your daughter's criminal case file? You can probably go the clerk's office of the courthouse and get a copy of the file. Peruse its contents and see if you can determine the sequence of events and filings in her case. Does she have representation? If so, she should have been appointed counsel by the court or can schedule a free consultation with a criminal defense attorney from Indiana. Good luck.
  18. Are you asking what your legal rights are? What is your legal query? Do you have a criminal defense attorney? Consider scheduling a free consultation with a criminal defense attorney from Albuquerque. Good luck.
  19. The rules of criminal procedure for your jurisdiction should have filing instructions for drafting a response to a motion to dismiss. Where are you located?
  20. Were you a victim of entrapment? Are you saying you never bought the drugs? Entrapment is a defense to criminal charges when it is established that the agent or official originated the idea of the crime and induced the accused to engage in it. If the crime was promoted by a private person who has no connection to the government, it is not entrapment. Good luck.
  21. Has a criminal case already been filed? If so, who filed the case? Only local prosecutor's can bring criminal charges against an individual or an entity. The police usually create a report which may or may not be delivered to the local district attorney's office. The filing deputy district attorney then decides if a criminal matter needs to be pursued. Good luck.
  22. What guidelines did the judge set forth when ordering the use of this device? Were you given any instructions regarding this device? What jurisdiction are you located in?
  23. Is the law enforcement agency in Missouri or Pennsylvania involved in your case? Each agency generally only has jurisdiction over cases falling within their state boundaries. Good luck.
  24. Is your husband in Oklahoma? Please clarify where he is located since the sentencing guidelines for each jurisdiction vary.
  25. The United States Supreme Court extended your Sixth Amendment Right to Counsel to include the first appeal for a criminal case. This right is typically referred to as "appeal as a matter of right." Just as with the right to assistance of counsel at earlier stages such as preliminary hearing and trial, the government appoints an attorney to represent any criminal defendant who cannot afford a lawyer for a first appeal. For any subsequent appeal, the person usually must pay to hire an attorney. In many states, however, public interest or civil rights groups sometimes represent convicted persons for free at subsequent appeals. Consider arranging a free consultation with a criminal defense attorney from Louisiana. Good luck.
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