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  1. Hello, I have a question regarding the definition of "hostile workplace." I have been employed as an administrative coordinator with a multi-provider medical clinic for 6 1/2 years with no disciplinary issues at all. About 3 months ago I was shifted to the nursing department where I am now under the supervision of the nursing supervisor. Since that move I have had several disciplinary actions brought against me by this supervisor. All of the situations have been fabricated and exaggerated by this supervisor and her immediate supervisor in order to get me in trouble. Most of them involve perceived chain-of-command issues. It is becoming clear to me that they are waging some sort of campaign to either get me to quit my job or have me fired. My stress level at work has risen greatly as I have begun to question everything I do for fear of another reprimand. At this point, I've been told that I will be fired if I have one more disciplinary action. I have been warned not to go to the doctors to complain about this stressful situation. I have started to have physical reactions to the stress at work (headache, nausea, anxiety attacks, weight gain, depressive symptoms, etc). When I have spoken with the doctor in charge trying to give my side of the story, she has refused to listen and has dismissed or minimized my concerns. Based on this, would it be reasonable to file a complaint with my State (Oregon) FEP department for hostile work environment? The definitions I've seen relate more to discrimination based on race or sex. I would appreciate any feedback. Thank you.
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