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  1. If I knew the law, I would not be asking! Sorry to have bothered anyone.
  2. Im sorry but I go to court on the 22nd and landlord never responded to interrogatories.
  3. I am the tenant and received an unlawful detainer. I filed my answer and also asked for a jury trial due to landlord harassment, changing lock on front door, locking me out of the bathroom, quiet enjoyment, etc. I sent the landlord a UD-106 Form Interrogatories on 4/30/2019, however, I have not received any responses back. Could I file a Motion to Compel? Thank you.
  4. I went to the courthouse and the clerk stated that this was a courtesy notice stating that an unlawful detainer was filed and that the summons will be served soon. She told me I could answer the summons now or wait until it is served on me, then I have 5 days to respond after the summons is served. I spoke with an attorney regarding the 30-day notice that I received on January 24th, 2019. The 30 days would have been up on February 24, 2019, but since the owner accepted the month for the whole month of February instead of just up until the 24th, that would make the 30-day notice null and void.
  5. The landlods son put a restraining order on the other roommates ex boyfriend. Everything in it was a lie and I went to court as a witness and the judge threw the restraining out. I also have text messages frim the landlords son threatening to call animal control on me and also telling me to stay in my room and not talk to anyone. Theres other harassment too i have screen shoted.
  6. I was never served a 3-day notice. This is the only thing I received.
  7. I live in Los Angeles County in California. Today in the mail, I received a Notice of Unlawful Detainer from West Covina Courthouse. It was only 1 shhet of paper with the Certificate of Mailing on the bottom of the page. I never received a 3-day Notice. On January 24, 2019, there was a 30-Day Notice posted on my bedroom door. I rent a room in a residence. The owner of the property accepted my full rent, which is $650 for the month of February, which would make the 30-Day Notice null and void, correct? I filed a civil harassment restraining order on the owners son who also resides at the residence. We go to court on the 19th of March on that. I have not been formally served any other papers. Is this unlawful detainer good ince I have not received anything else? Thank you.
  8. Thank you for your response. Since all the rooms are rented out in the house except one, does that make it a boarding house and does that have to be documented to change from single-family residence to boarding house? Also, what about quiet enjoyment and the safety of the residents who rent the rooms?
  9. I live in a residence that rents out three of the four bedrooms. The owner's son stays in the other bedroom. The son is constantly blasting his music and movies that he watches in his room. He also is constantly slamming his bedroom door every time he comes out of his room, which is numerous times during the day and night. He is using cocaine and tries to get the other tenants to party with him. When they refuse, he turns on them and knit-picks at every little thing. He knocked on my bedroom door and when no one answered it, he just took it upon himself to walk in. My boyfriend was in there but he didn't hear anyone knocking because he had headphones on. He gets very mad if the tenants talk to each other. He is telling one tenant that his mother is selling the house and then then telling another that they have to get out by March 1st because they are renovating the backyard. The mother told me she was selling the house and moving to the Philippines and that her son was moving closer to her. However, she informed the other tenant she was moving back in the house so that tenant would have to leave. Her son said that my boyfriend and the other tenants boyfriend can move in as long as they pay him $100 cash more a month. The son is on the path of destruction with his drug use and drinking. He even told me not to stand in front of the house because people were looking for him because he owed them a lot of money for drugs. We were afraid to say anything to the son or the mother in fear of eviction because we can not afford to move. The son also stated that we can not go in the backyard anymore. The tension in the house is really bad. He is lying to his mother and she believes everything he says. Now we don't know who or what to believe. Any help or suggestions would be greatly appreciated. Please don't say to try and find another place, because we have already looked. I'm on a fixed income of $850 a month so it is impossible.
  10. I've been renting a room out of a 4-bedroom house since February 2018. The landlord who owns the house does not live here, however, her 30+ son does. The other bedroom in the house are rented out also. The landlords son is bi-polar to the max. He parties all the time, playing loud music and is really friendly to everyone when he's all coked out. I stay to myself in my room. In October, a new roommate moved down the hall from me. Very nice girl. I didn't want to tell her what the landlords son was really like because for one, she probably wouldn't believe me, and 2, she was going to find out for herself soon enough and she did. The landlords son is a momma's boy and believes everything he says to her. He is taking money from her that is supposed to be used to fix up the house, he is constantly lying about everything, and now just the other day, he tells me and the other girl who's renting that we have to be out by February 1st. He said his mother is selling the house. This guy needs professional help. He is suicidal and says crazy things. He is mad that me and the new roommate get along. She doesn't bother with him anymore and just goes in her room like I do. He literally told me I could not talk to people in the house and to mind my own business when I did nothing but say hi to some people and they started talking to me. He pushed both of those girls out the front door and blamed me. Now it's starting all over again. I'm on disability and can't afford to move on $830 a month.
  11. We have been together for 23 years. Our daughter was born in Utah where we lived at the time. We moved to California when our daughter was 2. She will be 21 in October. I was not sure how any of this works. We did live together and when introduced to people it was always this is my wife, or this is my husband. Over the years everybody always thought we were married, even our daughter! I need to end the relationship because of verbal, emotional, and mental abuse and just wanted to make sure I dont have to go through any legalities.
  12. I know that California does not recognize common law marriage, however, if the couple lived in Utah before moving to California, is common law marriaged recognized?
  13. I purchased a car from my boyfriend of 23 years. I paid him $1000 but didnt get bill of sale. He works out of the state and when he called I informed him he didnt sign the title. He said just sign his name to it. (Ive signed his name numerous times with his permission to other legal documents over the years but not on DMV docs.) So i signed the titled per his request but havent had a chance to go to DMV yet. Well, he called to inform me that he no longer wants a relationship. I tried to call him but he got his number changed and he also changed jobs. What can i do?
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