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  1. 1. If you did not get the letter notifying you of jury duty, what can you do? What are the penalties/fines? 2. If you did get the letter notifying you of jury duty, but forgot to go to the scheduled first day, within the same week you were suppose to go to do jury duty, what can you do? What are the penalties, fines, and/or things you can do? Please keep in mind I'm asking this question in regards to the state of Florida. Thank you all to whom replies to this question of mine. I looked forward to insight into this matter.
  2. I apologize for number 3 of the additional information. I was referring to the same person whom committed the assault in the first place.
  3. By the word disservice, I used that word because it was an antonym to the word favor. I apologize for the confusion.
  4. Hi, I would like to know how the law in the state of Florida would deal with the following scenario. Please be as informative as possible. Question: If an elderly male, above the age of 70, assaults a person, what can be legally done to this individual? Please reply to this initially before considering the additional information. Additional information: 1. The male has cancer, heart problems, arthritis, and diabetes. Do any of these conditions favor the male whom assaulted a person? Do any of the above stated conditions disservice the male whom assaulted a person? 2. The male whom assaulted a person has had a history of verbal, mental, and physical violence. If any of these character traits from the male whom committed the assault can be proven, do they disservice towards the male whom committed the assault? 3. If the person whom the assaulter can not get away or dodge the assailants actions, does the person being assaulted have the right to fight back against the elderly male whom is 70+ in age? 4. Would police officers called to a scene where an elderly male has assaulted a person favor the elderly persons' side? 5. If the elderly person assaults someone whom he lives with, does the person whom was assaulted is escorted off the premises, or is the elderly male escorted off the premises? 6. If the elderly man is convicted of the assault crime, what is the given range of years/months the elderly person would have sentenced to? If this question has a range in years, please provide the range. If there are additional sentencing' for assault by and elderly person, please specific those sentences. 7. Are there any actions, which would find the person whom was assaulted by an elderly man, be convicted of? Please clarify all parts of this scenario. In addition, if it is different for the elderly person whom who he assaults, please clarify that as well. This includes whether it is an assault against a child (17 of age and under), and adult (18 of age and older), if the assault was done to a male, was the assault done to a female. If the law is different for any of these, please clarify this. Please consider each part when responding to this question. If it helps, please answer this question for each of its' separate parts. Thank you all for your time, patience, and help with this matter. I look forward to reading the responses I get upon this matter.
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