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  1. I returned there because I have no medical insurance. I am on social security. Medicare starts in next March. I was still sick. There were no easy pay doctors for me to go to. I cannot return there any longer. They say an 157/80 blood pressure is fine. I walked out of a Emergency Room after they referred me to the same doctor who does not return calls from me. I left a message that I am uninsured. I told them that and all I got was nothing. Guess I will die! Higher blood pressure is dangerous. But not to them.
  2. You had said I returned many times to the ER Room. I am uninsured and do not have that kind of money.The only place I could get care was at a hospital. I had a 200/100 blood pressure two times. The Billing agent said that the bill might be able to be deferred until I turn 65 in March 2014 and on medicare. And If I delay payment it might then be under the Medicare benefit. I was doubtful. This sounds like something crazy to me. Can that be done?
  3. On Sept. 15, 2013, I went to the hospital emergency room, 4 months after hip surgery. I had pain in hip area and body. My blood pressure was elevated and I was feeling light headed. I had my hip surgery there. I was examined and the doctor said nothing was wrong. He had my medical file. Blood and urine were fine. I returned to the same hospital one week later with severe pain in stomach and arms and legs. My Bladder was causing some of this pain. After the doctor examined my legs and body she said that the hip area had healed completely. I complained about my vertigo from Menieres disease and pain in my kidney area. She ordered Blood and Urine tests. They came back showing a Urinary Tract infection. I was given a prescription for the infection called Nitro- Furion Macro. I was told to finish the bottle. Two days later after having taken the pills as directed my blood pressure was dangerously high 200/100. I returned there and was examined again by another doctor (the first one was off duty) another Blood and urine test showed that the infection had been stopped. I was told I did not have to take any more of my prescription. I asked why I was still in pain. They said anxiety from the fear of a broken bone.They also said that drug might have elevated my blood pressure. I was observed for 2 hours to see if my blood pressure went down. It did go down but was still high. I was given a prescription for Valium which helps Menieres disease. I had to fill it myself. No medication was given then. Three days later I had to return there with a blood pressure of 167/80. I saw another ER doctor who examined me from head to toe. Saw my charts and did an EKG, Blood, Urine and I was given an IV and a saline solution a shot of Valium and Meclizine. A cat scan was done and there was no stroke. These bills are now arriving. I still feel issues of pain from the body, higher blood pressure, and anxiety from all of this. I am cautious with the Valium. But I think they just do not seem to be getting to the crux of this problems. I had to push myself from the cat scan machine onto the gurney by myself with my bad leg and almost fell off of it. No mention was made to help me. I complained to the nurse that nobody wanted to help me and I had vertigo at the time. I want to complain to the hospital and get some reduction in fees. When we tried to call to complain about the Nitro- furion and get another prescription I was told that I had to take all of it. I do not have faith in these people any longer. My leg hurts and I do not want to go back and spend a lot of money. Is this negligence on their part? They did not want to listen to me about my Meniere's disease in the first place. And I think I already had that bladder infection the first time I went there. Do I have a case?
  4. I did that. We do not pay bills on line. Identity theft is something we do not want. And passwords are a hassle to remember or keep secret.
  5. I am in South Carolina. How can I deal with the wrong bill collecting practices after I paid my bill agreement? I am a senior and I live on Social Security and a pension and they are dunning me for payment. I paid them my first check on July, 26,2013. I had to call the hospital a few times to get the entire bill in one bill from their doctors and radiology before the Hospital billing. I was told to wait until all bills were in. I did that. I got them to agree to an easy pay plan, set up the amount of payments. They telephoned me about 3 weeks ago and I agreed by then about debt to be put in a all in one bill, and we agreed to an easy pay plan. I got a letter showing the new all in one bill a few days later. I had agreed payment would be made every month before the 31st of the month. I mailed my first payment on July 26,2013 after my Social Security was deposited. I checked three days later and they said it had not arrived at hospital billing offices yet, and they get many checks in the hospital billing office. I checked four days later and they said they still did not have it. I called my bank and the bank said the check was endorsed and that it cleared. I called the hospital billing office back and they said to wait again.It would show up. On 8/9/13, I was called by a collection agent for the hospital billing office telling me that they still were not paid. At the same time the Radiology department has sent me a letter that says I did not pay them and I am late on payment. And the doctor who did my surgery has called me asking for payment again. All the billing is on the same account number. I have called the hospital five times and they say they have put all of the bills on one bill. At the last call on 8/9/13 I was told the head agent went home and to call on Monday morning about this. I got another letter asking for payment in the mail on 8/10/13. The other collection office has said I never paid them.I am waiting for my bank to send me a canceled check copy with the endorsement on the back. How can I stop the calls and the dunning. I also am afraid they will tell me I never paid anything to them again. Can I use an attorney to show that they are harassing me illegally? Thank you
  6. I am in South Carolina. I cannot find an attorney to take my case. This accident happened on 6/3/13. I broke my left hip. The police were very rude to me and made me try to get up. I had surgery the next day. I cannot afford the bills and the pysical therapy on social security. I am 64 waiting for medicare.Police called an ambulance after I begged them to. The city owns the sidewalk. Should I give up?. Does contacting the Mayor help? The time is running out.
  7. I am 64. I fell and broke my left hip. I had surgery the same day at a later time. I am in South Carolina. I was waiting for my Medicare eligibility in 2014. The bill came today, and it is over $50,000. I cannot pay this. I went to my surgeon to get stitches removed and he charged me $300 for the two XRays I was given. There is no indigent status for me I am about $100 over the hospital limit for that. I am about $31, 600 a year with my husband's Social Security. If I never pay they will garnish me, even if it is against the law. I worry they will not give me an easy pay out that I can pay. It would take years.i still have the ambulance billing to come. Would an attorney help me to haggle down this hospital bill? And I fell on city street due to poor side walks and lighting.Do I have a case as to the fal down on their bad street. I used a walker today to go to the doctor and the cracked sidewalks were a problem there. Thank you.
  8. I am sorry. There is no help. And nobody cares. We missed the statute of limitations on the theft of our money. There should be no limit to theft. We were told about this too late. And the Daughter is greedy and needs money for her Mom.My husband was charged an estate tax by the estate of his Mom. There was no tax. The sister lied about it and he paid the sister who lied.. He inherited his Dad's closed business. It was worth nothing. And it was closed 4 years. We were told that if the Daughter (not my step daughter) can be taken to Court if she takes any money or attempts to have a power of Attorney with our money. The Daughter was given the money my husband paid in repayment of estate tax to the Sister who was executor to his Mom. We were without funds to move. They lied and told us to move or be homeless. With no funds. Our money was used. There is nothing for medical care. And greedy family members stole it. Do not let family tell you they will help you. They helped us to the poor house.
  9. We are victims of my Husband's family, he is divorced from his first wife for 17 years. His Daughter took money from my Husband's Sister when she learned that his Sister was not giving it to him in 2001. The money was from a phony estate tax payment my Husband made to his Sister in 1996. His daughter did not tell us of this. We were forced to move to Philadelphia and we only had the one Social Security pension that was my Husband's pension. All of the money was spent by his Daughter on a move in Philadelphia in 2001, so that my husband could find work. He found no work. We did not know our money was used by the daughter to pay rent for less than one year. We took on the rent when a gift was given to us by an Aunt after she died. Some of our money was also used for my Husband's ex wife who was over 60 and did not work by my Husband's daughter without permission.There is no other settlement for payment to his ex wife. She is not ill or disabled. She did not want to return to work when my Husband's business closed on advice from his Accountant in 1990. This caused the divorce. We were evicted from the Philadelphia apartment in 2005. We moved south in 2005 and are living in Columbia SC. My NY State pension and my social security pension have enabled us to live decently. Our credit is ruined by the Philadelphia move. We also could not pay electricity and bills on time. Retail at minimum wage was not enough to pay our rents. We can not afford health insurance or a Medicare advantage plan. My husband and I are going without medical and dental care. I am 64 and my husband is 78. He needs cataract surgery and we cannot pay for the uncovered 20% or copays. I am waiting on my Medicare that will be about a year. I have a hearing problem called Meniere's disease and I am going deaf. I also have crowns on my teeth that are aging (25 years) and gum problems. My husband had prostate surgery in 2008. At the 2008 time we learned that the money was given to my Husband's daughter by his Sister in 2001. We needed to pay for the medical bills. We need medical and dental care and we are afraid of loss of teeth or health. My Husband's Daughter asked to share my Social Security pension with her. And his Daughter asked for a power of Attorney. We refused. In 2001 there was no power of attorney for my Husband. He was called a bum by his Sister when he could not find work at age 61. The social worker on our case called his Sister and his Daughter refused to speak to any authority. We need help now for our health care. And his Daughter has attempted to try to ask us again to share with my pension in 2011, She is trying any way she can to get our money. And we need medical care now. I am saving money up, but it will take years. I complained to social services and to the local police. They say there is nothing else they can do. I am afraid we will get sick. Are there any other places we can go to? Thank you for any suggestions. A clinic uses income guidelines and we do not qualify. We would like to go to Court with the Daughter.
  10. We did what you suggested. I have contacted my lawyer, and there has been nothing new, nor any response from the Apartment complex insurance company. I am waiting now for almost 3 years on this accident claim. It is getting to be long for me and I wonder if I should wait. .
  11. The Insurance company wanted to see the paid itemized bill that Medicare sent to the hospital. I did not know about the web site at Medicare showing that. I thought it was something that had to have the hard copy mailed to the insurance company. As far as my lawyer, I understand that he is just waiting on the insurance company. It is just that it is a long process and I thought there might be a problem with this. Thank you I will contact my lawyer with these suggestions.
  12. I fell down unlighted mail box steps at my apartment complex in November 2010. I live in south Carolina. The insurance company for the property was mailed a demand letter with the hospital bills for the injury. My attorney sent in pictures of the broken light and crumbling steps. And picture of me with my stitches and black eye. My attorney started this process after my fall. We are waiting now for the Medicare bill to be mailed to the property insurance company. I signed a waiver and it was mailed to Medicare by my attorney. We were told to wait until the bills were in the insurance company hands. I checked on December 24, 2012, nothing yet was mailed by Medicare. Three years is the statute limit in SC. Does Medicare take so long to mail a bill? And if the insurance company does not get the medicare bill by November 2013, will the statute be over? I am waiting on getting some compensation for the injury. The Insurance company wanted to see the actual medicare payment. And compare the diagnosis and treatment for my injury with the bill. But the hospital bills show that. Is this too long and should I wait longer or find some other attorney?
  13. I have been complaining to our property about the burnt out lights to the laundry room and the parking lot. This has been the fifth month I have complained. But no lights have been replaced. Actually, I have complained before this when we were under the older management. This property was sold a year ago. And I also have complained about a sink faucet repair in the master bathroom. The maintenance man took away the old one and he said he would order a new one. We have working only the hot water in the sink. And they told me that the part has come in, about three weeks ago. But it still has not been repaired. We are retired and at home every day. I have also complained about the flooding of my hall bathroom, from the bathroom above. Nothing has yet been done, to my knowledge. Our apartment was inspected by the manager and two maintenance employees, about a month ago. They threatened us to remove cardboard boxes from the apartment. They had given us three days to do that on a Friday. We have hardly any furniture, caused by two evictions in our past. I cannot afford furniture. But now I fear that they will not repair anything until we remove boxes and possessions from the apartment. This lease is over in May, but both of us suspect that we will be evicted, or not asked to remain. The furniture situation has been this way for about almost 6 years. We have had two owners since the one in our accident on the stairs that were unlighted at mail boxes, lawsuit. I am restricted from lifting heavy objects. My wife's Meniere's problem now is affecting her walking in the dark. This deterioration was expected, without further medical care, which we cannot afford. I fell down while getting my mail, in 2010. That case is ongoing. We are waiting for medicare bills to be sent to the property insurance company. They are slow. May I break this lease on a medical explanation, without paying a break-lease charge? Since they will not replace the burnt out lights, and since we have been living with boxes, with the previous owners NOT concerned, then why are they bothering me now? It seems the new manager has not been friendly or wanting to fix the lights on the walks near our apartment. There is no concern for our safety. Also, this current week, another apartment inspection is scheduled. I know our's will again fail. But our rents are paid on time. We were inspected a month ago. This has been done two times in the last year. They said the entire building will be inspected. I am not doing anything unlawful or with intent to damage the property. I am 77 years old and a law abiding person. My social security and medicare barley cover living expenses. On apartment requirements, I am forced to carry $300,000 renters insurance policy to cover employee harm. Isn't there a contradiction with their NOT replacing burnt out lights? My insurance agent told me that this is much too high for the area. And he was trying to sell me a lower cost policy. We live in Columbia, South Carolina. Before I raise hell in the office, I should appreciate your impression. Thanks in advance.
  14. I was told that the property office has no ladder to go up the side of the building to replace burnt out light bulbs on the property. I did find this another excuse to ignore me and I do not believe them. I am thinking I am paying too much for renters insurance and since the property will not fix lights, maybe I should get rid of the insurance since nobody wants to fix anything here. It is a way of my saving money. And since I am not insured for my safety if I fall down in the dark then it is a waste isn't it After all I fell down once before. Just venting away here. They had me have a renters policy here requiring me to have twice the coverage as needed in this area. And all tenants must carry the amount. Not just me. I think it is insane.
  15. I am here because of income since I am on social security. The rent was what keeps me in this location. The lights are on the second story of the building. I had submitted the medical bills from my fall and the police report from the mugging. A fellow neighbor with the same complaint as I did moved out. I am a senior citizen and the neighbor is about 1/2 my age and had complained that light was poor. He got fed up and moved. I am currently looking for another apartment I can afford. The place will not do anything about this problem. South Carolina seems to be a state without street lights. What can you do in such a backwards state.