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  1. I just had a similar experience. My nephew borrowed my car & was in an accident that basically totaled it. He was not given a choice what company towed it or where it was taken. It took me 3 days to find it (I had to call wrecker services from the phone book) because the accident report with the name of company isn't available for 10-15 days after accident. I was advised by my Insurance (Liability only# agent that in order for an adjuster to look at car I had to pay whatever the tow charge and storage fees were and have it moved off the lot. Then if the accident is found to be the other driver's fault their Insurance would reimburse me. So I had to pay $112 for them to tow it less than a mile and $60 in storage fees #would have been a lot more if I waited for the report to be available#. I have never been in an accident so I didn't know all this or I would have insisted at the very least that the car be taken directly to my house. My agent said this is standard practice for the most part #in Wichita, KS anyway). Why do they just presume people know this?
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