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  1. hello, just would like to know if you guys can help my husband gain citizenship. he is currently serving in iraq as a member of the army. he came to this country on 1975 he was 16yrs old but his mom did not gain citizenship until a few months after he came to this country, but never applied for his citizenship through her. he is a green card holder. Since then in 2005 he was charged with a felony act for mariuana trafficking in new mexico. apparently it falls under an aggravated crime so he was denied his citizenship by ins . He had received 18mths probation which he completes without any other problems with the law. He has only then show a good character as a us non- citizens which immigration mention. is there any way you could help him to get his citizens since he is also a member of the military service serving his country and likes it alot. thanks for your help . sincerely, Cassie parker
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