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    I WAS PICKED up by ICE last year at my probation officers' office. I have two felony convictions for possession. I was taken to Tacoma and held until I bonded out. I have spoken with only on lawyer concerning this cse - and was informed by her that if I only had one flony conviction I couldmore than likely get relief - but ince I had he two convictions - it was pretty much set in stone that deportaiton was unavoidable. My question is - Is this true? I am currently in rehab - and although I have relapsed - I do plan on staying clean and definately no getting in any more trouble with the law. I have been in this country since I was 13 - I am now 46. Being deported would be an almost impossible life change to me and since I have no savings whatsoever - almost unliveable. Is there ANYTHING at all that I can do - or is there even a possibility of my being able to stay even with the two convictions? I have a lot of support between my friends and my boss - and I DO NOT want to go back - except to visit. I have no family left living over there (England) and have no connections left there at all. My sister and brother live in the US and both have US citizenship. I work for a gentleman who is completely paralyzed and have done so for the past fifteen years. I aso have him to thank for paying the $10,000.00 bond that was required for me to get released. PLEASE let me know if you have any information on what I can/could do to get some relief. Thankyou
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