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  1. I was told by my brother-in-law that if I want to reduce my mortgage just miss a payment or 2. Then the banks would be happy to deal with me in lowering my payment, mortgage or both. Although this sounds like really bad advise to me somehow in this mixed up world I think his right & it will work. He also states it will only knock down my credit score for approx one year or less. I know this is morally wrong as well but so is the credit card companies rasing my rates because I am not using my cards & am making double the min payment!?!! So do I do unto others as I have been done too by others? Two wrongs don't make a right, but one wrong (CC cos) are making it diffecult to keep ahead & keep the others paying right!! If your lost, so am I. Where do we go from here? Cheat the housing dept to pay the credit card dept? & the big one WILL THIS WORK? help!!
  2. Rent laws vary so much from state to state, but they are posted & easily found via your state rules & regulations governing rental laws. They are very clear & easy to understand. Books are also a great resource that are mobile (if you need to prove your point that minute). I know he can not sign your name (less power of attorney is issued by you) & be legal, nor can he back date any agreement that you did not agree to in advance. Even if you did he's still pushing it. But be careful, he can lock you out & it may take some time (weeks) to get back in (which you most likely will) but where will you live until then? My un-legal option is to: do not sign anything (maybe even state that on the doc; pay your agreed rent; move asap!! This is a sign of worse things to come. Read up on your rights for your state & know them going in. Therefore, no one will be able to pull one over on you, & remember most landlords try to get away with what ever they can!! But there are good ones out there, trust me on that!
  3. agreed & we are professionals. If we had done a wrong, the boat could not live 5 days on a buoy & 4 boat rides later. If it did & the bilge kept up with it until the 5th day (unlikely) the owner have certainly seen a bilge full of water when the batteries needed a jump the evening before. But more importantly, he would have burned an impeller, over heated the engine & that would have happened 3 minutes into the first start of the engine. But how do I prove that, or do I, to the insurance company. They do not know we are armed with this info. It was given to us via the owner who very dear friends of ours and long time clients. They had no idea the insurance co would come after us as they did not & do not blame us. I have asked for proof or docs from the ins co but have not heard back (1 week past). Do they have to show me anything? Do I tell them anything? Is it likely they will go away? & skip down the sandy path I'v so willing lead them too? I know too many questions & not enough money. But this knowledge will lead us to being a better boat shop & better people & just better. Isn't that what law is for? to help people become better people thru knowledge--that's my goal anyways.... Any more thoughts I'd love to heard!!!
  4. We (boat shop) activate a 1957 Riva ‘Woody’ on June 15th. All plugs are installed & engines run twice to check plugs & engines for leaks; none found. Customer takes & launches boat. Immediately boat starts taking on water & sinking, fast. Owner returns to ramp & trailer in such haste he dings the prop on trailer. We remove prop for repair & check shaft (per request) & offer to investigate problem; owner declines & states boat (wood) needs to soak (usually unnecessary, Rivas are a plank-sided boats). Boat sits on street in front of owners home, mostly unattended owners live out of town, for approx month until prop is re-installed & boat is launched 2nd time & placed on buoy. Owner takes 2 boat rides over the weekend. Boat remains on buoy for 5 more days, again unattended. Owner takes another ride Sat. evening after jumping dead batteries in engine compartment. Sunday morning, Aug 1st, boat is on the bottom of lake. Boat is raised, taken to repair shop & insurance company adjuster surveys boat. Reason for sinking not found by adjuster. After adjuster leaves, repair shop calls adjuster to tell him transmission plug was out of one engine & is cause of sink age. Insurance company is blaming us. Questions: “Are we liable?” “Where does our liability end for performing activation & owner’s responsibility begin?”
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