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    Is it legal to threaten a person while on FMLA, that if they don't return to work once there 12 weeks has expired, that they will be terminated? My husband was let go after his time ran out, even though he was still physically unable to return to work. Would Americans with Disabilities Act been the next step? He did not suffer a permanent disability, just a lengthy healing period. This FMLA is not a fair program. My Husband was a devoted hard working person for this company, four months short of 20 years. He got very sick, and relied on this FMLA to carry him through. But the Employer still let him go. There needs to be some type of protection for these people who are now displaced, because now all Employers worldwide have the leverage to terminate these people irregardless of Dr' statements. Unions don't help either! If it's not in their contracts, too bad for you then.
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