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  1. I use to work for one off the top cruise line like a roomeservice attendant-asswaiter-waiter for 6 years and I stop like 2 and a half years ago.When I left i got nothing just the fly ticket and at the gangway somebody give me the pin- reward(for five years in service) that I suppose to receive in a captain ceremony where we suppose to have also pictures taken with the captain. The thing that bather me is that after I work my way to become a waiter I gut nothing left but a pin and few safety diplomas(first aid ,crowd management ...) so i cane prof nothing.The point is that now if I want to get a job in tourism industry all H.R. ask me if " do you have any diplomas or certificate to prof your C.V. or to be able to check your background" and i have to say NO. and her the interview is finish If I was god to serve safe food to people from all the world and to comply to all U.S.Public Health regulations and in 6 years i was not fired is mean that I must done somethings OK, but how i can prof that my trainings for promotions was made with in a curs hold by " who" .......I have even to pas the DRAM-SHOP LOW to be able to sale alcohol in all Americans waters and also no diploma , but I am sure that if something happen like a complain from a quest or a low process I who'd be the first to be held responsible and they will have all the documentation to prof that I was well train and is all my mistake . Now what can i do to recover let's say the lost years and to don't star again whit the trainings because now i live in a European country and who'd help me a lot for the future
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