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  1. Fallen. Thank you for reply. Filed with agency's EEOC office. OCR accepted case. Received in mail entire "report of investigation" from OCR. Must represent myself or hire counsel (cannot afford AND unable to find counsel willing to accept case against EEOC) When able to actually speak with an attorney, as there was no monetary value, not interested. Actually used list provided by local bar referral. How many people required for Class Action suit ? "Stepping on tongue" means I don't have a clue what to do next or who to call for advice.
  2. I am a 75 year old female living in Ca. and working for the Federal Government. I work from home and get monthly assignments from the LA regional office. A few months ago a supervisor "hinted" in conversation that other supervisors (we have none over 30 yrs) had an undeclared goal of "weeding out" older employees. During our discussion, she said, "why don't you just retire and take it easy, otherwise they are going to give you less and less work until you have none". Notably this organization does not "fire" employee's but make it uncomfortable to the point they quit. I filed with the EEOC on the basis of age discrimination. My end goal of the filing was to end this sort of hostility in the workplace and the continued pressure asserted to perform on a specific level in a situation which employees have absolutely NO CONTROL of. At the end of the investigation, I was presented with the full contents and offered the choice of 1) dropping the complaint, 2) challenging the statements of the supervisors interviewed by the investigator 3) requesting a hearing. I opted for a hearing. Now I learn that although the agency is represented by counsel, I must provide my own case or hire my own counsel. Since I was not originally seeking monetary damages, I am not sure how to present my case and went through the phone book and phoned employment attorneys. It appears that NO ONE will take a case involving the federal government and I have also found that the particular agency I work for is the only one with NO BARGAINING AGENCY. Does anyone out there that specializes in employment matters have ANY advice for me. I fully intend to follow this through as the demands made by this agency adversely affect many many employees, young and old. I really appreciate ANY advise suggestions or??? thank you, thank you, thank you. If you hear of anyone stepping on their own tongue in an EEOC hearing, you'll know no one replied.
  3. My 81 yr old husband and I have been married 28 yrs. . My husband is very ill with COPD, Atrial Fibrillation and Congestive Heart Disease. I am 75, I am his only caretaker and I am still employed. I am feeling some intense burn out and began contacting medicare agencies in the attempt to get some home care assistance. He qualifies for skilled nursing assistance, however with the supplemental medicare policy I have for him, requires that I pay 10 to 20% of his medical bills. This is a PPO I tried to stay with so he could stay with his pulmonary and cardiology physicians rather than have the difficult procedure of a primary etc. My salary at this time varies between $25,000 and $30,000 per year so needless to say we do not qualify for any state or federal assistance, and I am buried in debt with prior medical bills. Finally to the question: It was recently suggested to me that if I were to divorce him, he would qualify for medical/medicare which would provide for assistance as well as pay me to be his caretaker, or pay someone else for whatever hours he is determined to need assistance. We live in California and I have combed the internet to find if this would be illegal or considered fraud. Also, would I then lose benefit of his social security when he passes away. I do not want to break the law, but do need some assistance. Any answer would be so helpful if only to direct me to whatever agency I can contact for answers.
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