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  1. I have been working for my employer for almost 2 years. At the end of August the owners decided to split the company into two separate companies. One owner took on the new company and the other two owners kept the current company. I was let go after the split being told that they weren't going to need as much office staff. As far as office staffing, there were 4 of us girl currently employed. I was the only one let go and had been there longer than one of the girls they kept on. They told me this was through no fault of my own, but they just didn't need as much help. The thing is, I am 7 1/2 months pregnant and feel that that had a lot to do with why I was let go, although it was never mentioned. On the morning that I was let go, one of my bosses told me that I would be kept on up until I had the baby. At the end of the day, she gave me a check for a "confidentiality bonus" and I was told that it was my last day of employment. She also told me that they weren't keeping me on because they were afraid I would go and work for the other owner in the new company and would tell him what was going on with their business. What they thought I knew that the other owner didn't already, I have no idea. So my question is...do I have an rights to file a discrimination claim against my former employer? I would like to be compensated for the wages that I will lose from the date I was let go through the end of the year. I did not have a contract but feel that it was very unfair the way I was let go.
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