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  1. I was convicted of a Class C Misdemeanor in 1995 for minor shoplifting in the state of Orgeon shortly after I turned 18. After 16 years, I am now having trouble getting a job because of it. Can anyone assist me with some advice on how to get this charge expunged from my record, please? I find it hard to believe that after almost as many years as I was old at the time of the conviction that people will still hold this infringment against me. Thank you.
  2. I didn't violate the law...hence why I am trying to give the officer the benefit of the doubt to figure out how he could have gotten the reading he got. Unless he plain just made the number up. I was not speeding and even if my speedometer was grossly incorrect, I couldn't have been going the speed the officer states I was. On curvy back country roads, with people passing me all day, I'd have flown off the road into a ditch even trying to reach 69 miles per hour in that 55 mph zone. I appreciate the answer given to contact radar manufacturers for the information, since unless someone out there is a certified radar technician they really don't know what they're talking about. Police officers have to read their radar gun's user manual/pamphlet, sure, but that doesn't make them a radar authority. Thanks Iskarasawa.
  3. Ok, thanks to everyone who has responded so far... but, everyone has managed to skirt the question. Specifically, doesn't shooting a radar gun through a windshield effect the accuracy of the reading? This should be a simple yes or no question. Thanks again.
  4. Fantastic! I still haven't gotten to go to court, yet, which is exactly why I needed clarification. The ticket had already been issued and we were working to build our case from the moment the officer handed it to me, hence why my husband asked about the windshield. Thank you very much for your response.
  5. The officer caliberated something on his dashboard inside the car with tuning forks while he made me wait to get my ticket. My husband then asked him if he shot his speed measuring device through his dirty windshield and the officer responded, yes. This was out in the boonies and they probably weren't as technologically advanced as your big city police forces must be. Please tell me if the radar is accurate if being shot through a dirty windshield. Doesn't the windshiled vibration screw up the dopler effect? Thank you.
  6. Are they also rated to be shot through debris covered glass?
  7. Please, does anyone at least know the answer to my first question? Is radar accurate when the measuring device is in motion and going the opposite direction? Thank you.
  8. I have a few questions about the circumstances involved around the citation I received for speeding: 1. The police officer was driving the opposite direction as I was when he supposedly 'clocked me' going the alleged speed. Is radar accurate in this case? 2. I responded to the citation with a not guilty plea by certified mail over 20 days ago and have not received a response yet from the courthouse. Is there a due process (or speedy trial) rule across all 50 states that requires they send me back a court date within a specified amount of time? 3. Can the jurisdiction require me to pay them money in order to get a trail date? This seems like a huge violation of my rights. I could understand being responsible for court costs if I am found guilty, but not being unable to defend myself unless I appease the court with funds beforehand? I know this site says not to give any specifics, but I quote from their webpage (http://www.tillamookor.gov/images/Ticket_Info.pdf), "A Not Guilty plea will result in a trial and you will be notified, by mail, of the trial date. There is a $50.00 trial fee that must be paid prior to scheduling a trial date." 4. The information about the required fee for a trail date wasn't presented to me on the ticket, but was discovered on a hard to find website after I had already sent the ticket back with my not guilty plea. I again ask, can they legally require me to pay this before I've had a chance to properly defend myself in court? -Thank you to anyone who may know any or all of the answers to the above questions.
  9. I was recently terminated from my job for excessive absences. At the time I was covered by intermittent FMLA but had received a final written warning on 8/6/09 due to exceeding my number of excused absences per month. I hadn't yet missed more days than I was excused from in the month of August, though. My immediate supervisor (who did the writing up) advised me, at that time, that any absences I'd had prior to the final warning date wouldn't be held against me again. I then missed 8/11/09 & 8/12/09, still not exceeding more days than I was allotted per month, yet I was then told all of my absences over the previous year had prompted them to fire me. Now, I understand the Final Warning meant that if I broke the rule again they would have grounds for termination, but if based on the Family Medical Leave Act I was allowed those absences in August, was my firing legitimate? Approximately 3 weeks from the date I was fired, my department was going to be laid off and I would have received 2 months severance pay and medical benefits. I believe they didn't want to pay me those benefits and were looking for any excuse they could find to get rid of me before the lay off. I may be incorrect and they were allowed to fire me without cause, but because I can't afford a lawyer to sue them for wrongful termination, regardless, my biggest concern is that I will not qualify for Unemployment. Can anyone attest to the rules in that aspect or will I just have to wait for their verdict? Thank you.
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