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  1. I went to work for a small tech firm a little over 3 years ago. I was initially a 1099 consultant - they have since been audited and fined for improperly classifying me. 2.5 years ago I was offered the Presidency of the firm, which is a privately held "C" Corp. At that time I negotiated base salary, equity interest, bonuses based on business capture (as opposd to "net" profits), vacation, expectation of employment (including during any change in control) etc. - with an added stipulation that the firm would execute a written employment agreement documenting the terms outlined. Since that time, there has been no follow-through on the equity interest, writen agreement, bonuses, etc. These negotiations we conducted with the 87% owner/Chairman. I have expressed my concerns in writing over these issues several times - each time I have been assured that I would be "taken care of". Today I received an email from our CEO stating that the bylaws of the firm require the CEO and President to be the same person and therefore, I am being demoted to a non-officer VP role. Do I have a viable claim for failure to abide by the oral agreement I negotiated (and which they have never refuted?), loss of equity, loss of bonuses earned but not paid, etc.?
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